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Fatality Defeats Legacy | 2-1 F2P Prep | 2.6.2020

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Fatality defeated Legacy this Thursday evening in our scheduled F2P Prep. Fatality took a 1-0 lead after a hard fought first round that saw us go down 3. We buckled down and were able to bring it back and get the win. Second round Fatality absolutely obliterated Legacy off the map losing only 10 of our 40 green men. 


Fantastic job today boys, thanks for all those who showed up for our Big P2P Mini vs Sup (another win) and inners just after. Huge weekend coming up, need absolutely everyone of you there!





Fatality Starting: 38
Fatality Ending: 10


Legacy Starting: 38

Legacy Ending: 0




Fatality Starting: 40
Fatality Ending: 30


Legacy Starting: 0

Legacy Ending: 0




Spoof round 🤣














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how many wins is that? fatality just cant stop winning, nice job 2020 is the year of Fatality BABBYYYYA

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gj on first 2 rounds

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