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Hello brothers, I just wanted to post this because it seems like everywhere I go people either do not understand this or do not care. and it frustrates the fuck out of me. If you want to be really FTC and max your account eg getting 99 HP then listen up. If you do all 3 combat methods(mage range and strength) to 99 through combat you will max with 98 hp and only have to spend about 10 hours or so to finish 99 HP. If you alch to 99 or some of the way you will max with 94 or 95 HP. Take it from someone who has gotten 99 hp on 4 different accounts hand trained, it is WAY BETTER to do it through combat. Yes it might be a bit slow to burst or fire wave/surge to 99 mage but I promise you will thank me. My first time maxing I alched to 99 mage and I got 99 range and strength with 95 hp. It took over 40 hours to get to 99 HP if not more and it fucking SUCKED. All I'm saying is that if you want to be able to provide max efficiency to your clan then DO NOT ALCH to 99 magic. This of course only applies to pures, not alts that get def because that contributes to hitpoints. Anyways, you are free to do as you choose obviously, but I highly recommend doing it as I have described or else you will hate the grind that comes afterward which is getting to 99 hp.

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