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Sunday - Closing Resistance (7 Man Pull) - Day 2

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Yesterday we proved to Resistance that without the invites they are absolutely nothing, We demolished them all trip and we were ready to do it all again today. We massed up 50 Pure Elites and peaked at 55 Green Men for our P2P Sunday trip, We received word that 5 minutes after mass Resistance had only massed 7 people and had cancelled their trip, We forced them to log out and cleared them out of their own world and their own house. Know your place bitches. Dont bring invites against mother Fatality or we'll put you in the ground.







We setup a fight against Supremacy at bandits and they defended we came from the east we started hitting their fat clumps south and got aggressive inside of them we held east of the return spot and started smoking them south, Legacy crashed and we turned on them and started banging them out. We had it almost cleared up when we heard more crashers were coming and we teleported out.



We contacted Supremacy for another fight and they defended fog we knew this would be crashed but we didnt know every single pure clan except resistance because they pulled 7 people would be there, We rushed Supremacy and focused their north side, We started pushing them east when Blunt Pures logged in west from there every single pure clan made a appearance once again except Resistance. We ended up staying fighting the majority of the entirity of the fight defending off Apex,Blunt Pures,Supremacy,Outrage,Legacy,Final Ownge Elites,Onslaught. We teleported to the bank and the fight was over 30 seconds later.



We heard Legacy was fighting Blunt Pures so we decided to crash we came from ghost hut and hit them at pond Legacy instantly dipped and Blunt Pures took the wrath of fatality, We pushed on them south and Supremacy decided to crash so we turned on them. We pushed both clans south of CA when BP decided to come back and we caught their entire clan in a clump at the teleport spot we blew them up quickly before pulling east and luring Supremacy back, Once Supremacy came we caught them in a 10 man box north. We cleared that up before hearing Rage was about to crash so we dipped to the bank.



We heard Supremacy & Unbreakable were fighting in a pvp world we rushed them from north from fog we forced them to teleport and run to the hop and dip, Apex came and we turned around on them before receiving word that Final Ownage Elites were about to crash we dipped out. The fights moved to falador and we logged in south of Supremacy and Outrage and completely murdered them north, Several other clans came and we went back and forth teleporting in and out. We caught Supremacy in a 30 man clump and Rage in a clump that ive never seen. We ended our trip on that note.




























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good trip boys

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Great trip today boys! Luckily I decided to manually screenshot this because I  accidentally turned off screenshots. I decided to record today so I'll go through my video later tonight. #FATALITY


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