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Saturday - Killing Resistance - Day 1.

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Saturday rolled around and we massed up 35 Pure Elites, With numerous clans pulling around the same we knew today would come down to performance, The pure elites performed on top of their game today as we had several fights against Outrage,Apex,Resistance. Thanks to everyone who came today, and be on tomorrow for P2P Sunday.




Fatality vs Outrage FT. Apex & Final Ownage Elites

We setup a fight against Outrage and we defended bandits. They rushed from the east and we quickly met them with scims, We started transitioning through them when Apex crashed from the east. Both clans pulled north and began to AC Apex. Final Ownage Elites logged in south and all clans pulled to singles. We caught a fallin not losing a single person and went down for a quick bank.


Fatality vs Outrage FT. Apex

We setup another fight against Outrage and they defended 13 ports and we rushed from the east. We met them on 13 Ports with scims and started taking control from the start. Rage logged in from the south and went east so we pulled the fight north. Apex logged in west and tried to rush. We pulled into singles and caught a fall in, Once again not losing a single person.


Fatality vs Resistance FT. Unbreakable & Rage

We found our friends Resistance walking around with their pants down, we quickly went to hit them and sent them scattering east into singles. Unbreakable and Rage crashed and we pulled west in singles we turned around and caught binds on everyone killing anyone who came near us. All clans dipped leaving us alone, We found resistance in multi in a fall in? We rushed them and one hit their fall in leader and started smoking them, They camped singles and came multi for 2 minutes, In those 2 minutes. We  killed 8 Resistance and we lost 2 Fatality members. Resistance went back to singles and logged out and Unbreakable crashed.


Fatality vs Resistance FT. Final Ownage Elites

We watched our friends sit in multi at ghost hut. We logged in on top of them and quickly sent them scattering around like rats. We pushed them all north, Final Ownage Elites logged in south to try to help but this didnt phase us, We continued to push Resistance all over to 26 hill and smoked them and completely cleared them up,We pulled to singles and caught a fall in and quickly went to bank with 20+ ingame.
























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6 minutes ago, vibz said:

Res big scared ez clear


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