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Sunday - 3 Clans, 1 Inventory, 0 Problems.

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After our amazing F2P Saturday trip, We massed up 40 Pure Elites and Peaked at 45 Green Men for our P2P Sunday. We had numerous fights against all the clans today, definitely having the most action out of all the clans. Thanks to everyone who showed up for both trips this weekend!




Fatality vs Outrage FT. Rage & Final Ownage Elites

We setup a fight with Outrage at graveyard and we defended, they rushed from the west and we wrapped hard from the north. We started smoking their north side working our way south while they focused east. We started focusing east when we heard Rage was coming we continued to dump all our might on Outrage when Final Ownage Elites logged in we dipped to the bank.


Fatality vs Outrage FT. Supremacy & Legacy & Blunt Purez & Resistance & Apex

We setup a fight with Outrage and we defended FOG in a PVP world, Outrage Rushed us from the west. Instantly we pulled south and caught them in clumps north.Supremacy logged in south and we teleported to the bank before more clans came like Legacy, We regrouped and rehit from the north. We found Blunt Purez in massive clumps and cleared them up. We pulled south and found Apex. We quickly got aggressive on them and started transitioning through them. We then ran into Resistance. We continued returning and moving east. We successfully cleared 3 Clans before more Outrage and Rage re rushed and we teleported out.


Fatality vs Outrage FT.  Supremacy & Apex & Blunt Purez

We setup a fight against Outrage at Falador, We defended and they rushed from the east. We moved north and smoked through them. We caught them in numerous clumps and started taking the advantage. Every clan decided to crash under the sun so we quickly went to bank and rerushed. We logged in at the park and found Supremacy southwest of us. We quickly started catching them in 20+ man clumps. We smoked through them and then Apex started coming through. Once Supremacy was cleared they relogged in to the Park and we caught them again in 20+ Man clumps. A clan logged in behind us so we dipped to bank.


Fatality vs Supremacy FT. Apex & Blunt Purez

We decided to give Supremacy a little payback after we caught them with their pants down twice in a row. We logged in behind them and started hitting them from behind while they rushed another clan. We picked off their members one by one. Once Blunt Purez logged in east of us we turned our focus on them and quickly sent our friends to the shadow realm. We kept transitioning through everyone south. Apex tried to come and we started fighting them. Before clans

























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Who thought they could bring a med?? Ez for Fi





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Great job Fatality! Sad I missed today due to real life problems. However the amount of people we've been pulling has been great.  Again great job boys proud of everyone.

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