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Saturday - Lit F2P Saturday FT. 40 Green Men.

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Saturday rolled around and the Pure Elites over at Fatality massed up 40 Green Men and set out with scims and bows. We had numerous fights against Outrage and maintained 40 the entire trip. Thanks to everyone who showed up today for a sick F2P Saturday.




Fatality vs Outrage FT. Unbreakable

We setup a fight with Outrage and they defended bandits, we logged in east in singles and ran west on top of them. The fight went back and forth with us taking a slight advantage midway through. Unbreakable logged in west and came and hit us from the south. We pulled north and starting transitioning through Unbreakable like butter. Both clans sent Unbreakable fleeing west we caught a quick spam while Outrage dipped south. Resistance logged in singles and we logged out.


Fatality vs Outrage FT. Rage

We setup a fight with Outrage and they defended corp hill, We ran in from the west. We quickly caught the north side of Outrage with scims and the fight started going back and forth. Rage decided to log in under us with 50 people so both clans went west to singles, We started fighting once again south. Outrage had strong returns and we battled back. We received word that crashers were coming so we pulled north into singles and logged out.


Fatality vs Outrage FT. Apex

We setup another fight against Outrage at hollow tree, this was definitely our longest fight of the day being over 20 minutes. Both clans had turns taking the lead with strong returning and calling on both sides. We had strong return unit near the end and started pulling it south with single piles, short after Apex crashed from the north and both clans pulled west into singles and thanked each other for the fight and logged.


















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