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Sunday - 55+ Pure Elites Jewelry Abuse Everyone FT. FOE/LY/O/RS/R

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Sunday came around and the boys over at Fatality massed up 55 Pure Elites. This Sunday got started a bit slow but definitely picked up. Thanks for all clans for action and every Fatality member for attending.





We setup a fight against Resistance at graveyard, we rushed from the west and caught them with their pants down a little. We stayed strong on them and started focusing their south side. Rage logged in and was the only saving grace for resistance we continued pushing south and teleported before more clans crashed.



We setup a fight against Outrage, We attacked from the west of graveyard. We started strong on them. Eventually the fight was crashed by Legacy and Rage. We dipped out to the bank. The crashers fight continued on and pushed south, We came back and decided to GWAS 90+ Rage with 40 in CA. We hit at least a 30 Man clump right at CA, we quickly blew that up. We came back from the north and killed all the clans that were at CA. We teleported before Legacy and Final Ownage Elites could crash.



We continued fighting Legacy and Rage Collectively within one world for several minutes, We held CA down being down some opts. We held the choke and anyone who came near would be Cleared. We hit Legacy first and they left. We got word they were attempting to log in under us, We pulled north and gwas'd them inside the choke, Rage crashed from the north we teleported. We came back and Defended the spot once again, Resistance came east and wouldnt come in, Within 4 seconds we were completely on top of them east and cleared them, Legacy tried to save them but they were too far west and we teleported before they could get back.



We setup our last fight against Resistance they wanted Bandits and the kings of Bandits dont ever turn down a fight there. We rushed them from the east and quickly got on top of them. We focused their south side and ended up pushing them the majority south. Rage logged in from the north and we teleported Bandits, We caught the Regrouping Resistance in huge clumps, We waited for Rage to come south and caught them aswell. Final Ownage Elites logged in and we proved once again why were the best pound for pound clan in the game. We started barraging them east and caught them in huge clumps from there we focused the teleport spot and it became a feast. We killed everyone to end our trip. We teleported down with 42 Green Men and ended our trip.



























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4 minutes ago, Gf Nerd Jeff said:

yup was ez


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