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On 25-11-2013 at 3:15 PM, willy said:
[13:32:28] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> 165 pyrefriends?


[13:32:30] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> where do i find



[13:32:37] <@[Fi]Dropkicket> relekka



[13:32:38] <@[Fi]Willy> rellaka cave



[13:32:42] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> o



[13:32:43] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> kk



[13:32:46] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> any items needed



[13:32:48] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> to get in there



[13:32:52] <@[Fi]Willy> yes



[13:32:53] <@[Fi]Dropkicket> green vambs



[13:33:10] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> [Fi]Dropkicket do i actually need green vambs?
[13:33:14] <@[Fi]Willy> yes
[13:33:17] <@[Fi]Dropkicket> ye
[13:33:26] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> any item to kill him?
[13:33:31] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> and can i whip it
[13:33:34] <@[Fi]Willy> no
[13:33:38] <@[Fi]Willy> you gotta mage them
[13:33:43] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> wtf
[13:33:44] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> rlly
[13:33:46] <@[Fi]Willy> yea
[13:33:47] <@[Fi]Dropkicket> use water spells
[13:33:48] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> cant i range
[13:33:52] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> im on ancients
[13:33:52] <@[Fi]Willy> nope
[13:33:54] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> fk
[13:33:58] <@[Fi]Willy> ice spells work
[13:34:00] <@[Fi]Dropkicket> no cus they burn ur arrows
[13:34:01] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> god dem
[13:34:02] <@[Fi]Dropkicket> so u wont hit
[13:34:04] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> cbf to waste
[13:34:08] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> bloods n shit
[13:34:11] <@[Fi]Willy> just ice rush
[13:34:25] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> is that better than water bolt
[13:34:43] <@[Fi]Willy> yes
[13:35:05] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> might as well burstr then
[13:35:20] <@[Fi]Willy> its not multi
[13:35:38] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> ik
[13:35:41] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> hits more tho
[13:36:27] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> wait so im maging them with green vambs on?
[13:36:34] <@[Fi]Willy> yes
[13:36:37] <@[Fi]Dropkicket> yea
[13:36:39] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> wtf
[13:36:44] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> thats like -30303203232 mage bonus
[13:36:46] <@[Fi]Willy> jagex logic ikr
[13:37:02] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> lool
[13:37:07] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> only go 700 chaos runes left
[13:37:08] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> fk
[13:37:21] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> i need more lol
[13:37:23] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> :/
[13:39:02] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> ill just buy from shop
[13:39:53] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> oh he only sells 250
[13:40:17] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> dude ill just go on normals
[13:41:18] <@[Fi]Dropkicket> yh probably smarter
[13:41:43] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> ull go through death runes quick otherwise
[13:46:12] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> is it the keldagrim entrace [Fi]Dropkicket
[13:46:29] <@[Fi]Dropkicket> noo
[13:46:30] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> or the one close to golden apple tree
[13:46:32] <@[Fi]Dropkicket> south
[13:46:35] <@[Fi]Dropkicket> yh
[13:46:45] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> kk
[13:46:49] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> what lvl are these things
[13:47:02] <@[Fi]Willy> can't remember
[13:47:05] <@[Fi]Willy> but boaty died to one
[13:47:08] <@[Fi]Willy> so be careful
[13:47:25] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> rlly
[13:47:29] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> i brought seers ring i n shit
[13:47:30] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> lol
[13:48:38] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> what do i pray
[13:48:54] <@[Fi]Willy> melee
[13:49:35] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> cant i just safespot
[13:49:40] <@[Fi]Dropkicket> na
[13:49:56] <@[Fi]Dropkicket> bring entagles tbh
[13:50:01] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> oh not hitting shit rip,might not have enough water runes
[13:50:02] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> i mean chaos
[13:50:07] <@[Fi]Dropkicket> theyre low cb but htis kinda hard
[13:50:51] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> ffs can someone bring me chaos runes lol









[14:14:26] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> this task is actually rlly slow
[14:14:31] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> ima wave them next time
[14:15:56] <@[Fi]Willy> how many you got left to go?
[14:16:18] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> like 120
[14:16:23] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> needed 165
[14:16:31] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> wave 1hits them tho lol
[14:17:49] <%[Fi]Brew_Up_Son> cuz bolt doesnt hit actual shit
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funny Discord quotes now b/c IRC is dead as heck!

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