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Fatality Recruiting contest - 8/25-9/15 5M/RECRUIT

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Before getting into the contest, on behalf of the staff team i'd like to thank you all for all your dedication and grit you have shown during this wild, wild year. This truly is a family and it would not be sustainable without all of your efforts.

Thank you.




     With the end of summer quickly approaching, we are met with the yearly expectations that some members will be much busier with heading back to school and therefore having less time to play the game on a daily basis. 

     Moving forward with this in mind, we must try to finish summer off with a bang, and time to also bring some fresh new warriors into our family. Ranks will be working hard over the next month on recruitment and we would like to encourage everyone else to get their hands dirty as well.


     We will be paying out 5M per recruit that you are able bring in. This will require your recruit to get through the application process, which our team of mentors will assist with making sure this happens. There will also be an additional cash prize for the first place winner. This is the perfect opportunity for you to help your clan and to also help yourself obtain your own personal goals. I wish the best of luck to all of you.



-The point will be assigned to who your recruit says recruited them

-Any person who has been a member of Fi previously, will not count

-Each recruit must be accepted via the application process



Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement,
achievement, and success have no meaning
.” - Benjamin Franklin



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Good stuff, let’s get it.


Best of luck to all 

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