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Fatality vs. Pure World ft. Easy 1v1 vs. Legashit at CA

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Today fatality massed up 55 Strong Green Machines later peaking at 60 for our P2P Sunday trip.  Constant action and fights for the lads.



So with good investigative skills and our sense of smell we detected rage was in fally from the stench of bday's hot dog breath. We quickly grabbed teleport tabs and made our way up to fally.  We hit rage from the west making them tele to Falador center. Without hesitation we ran through the gates hitting a fat barrage clump in the middle clearing up the rest of the fight before catching  a bank.



We found Rage again spread in mutli again at bandit camp. Quickly we got organized near cave entrance, got a north to south and rushed Rage west. We cleared them very quickly due to our aggression. With apex stragglers north we decided to clear up what we could. With great intel and calls we teled to bandit camp center and ran west to catch a couple FOE members in a gwas, however they did not chase. We got a bank before getting sandwiched by Fearless in singles west and FOE east.



Even though we were down 7-10 opts vs. Legashit the big green boys were up for the challenge. We decided to DEFEND at ca even though we were down opts. We began slamming them from the north causing them to run south. With a solid north wrap we were able to catch clumps and drop legacy members 1 by 1. We decided to dip after clearing up Legacy before getting crashed from FOE north and Sup/FS west. 


Shout out to all the clans for action.  Pm for mini's






















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was ezezezezezezez

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My name's Tyen


And this is Jackass

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