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oops 2 def

oops 2 def app

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I. State why you want to be part of Fatality

Mayhem recruited me.. want people to casually pk with.


II. What is your current RSN and list as many previous RSNs as possible

oops 2 def


III. List the people that have accepted to vouch for you prior to making this application 

Mayhem, Maffia


IV. Name the people you knew prior to posting to your introduction, and how long you've known them for 



V. Please make a detailed list of your clan history and be sure to add how long you've been in them and why you left 

wasn't in any clans


VI. Post a screenshot of your RuneScape character with your stats and name visible while saying "I bleed green" 


<a href="https://gyazo.com/74609b5a158415b12bcae530c6c9ae42"><img src="https://i.gyazo.com/74609b5a158415b12bcae530c6c9ae42.png" alt="Image from Gyazo" width="957"/></a> https://i.gyazo.com/74609b5a158415b12bcae530c6c9ae42.pnghttps://i.gyazo.com/74609b5a158415b12bcae530c6c9ae42.p

VII. Post a screenshot of your PK Gear and Supplies with your name visible (Both Free to Play and Pay to Play) 



VIII. Post a screenshot of what gear you would wear to the following Official Events: 


(Do you meet the  Prep Requirements? If not, skip to VIII b. and VIII c.)


VIII a. P2P Clan Wars 



Ideal Mage Gear: 




Ideal Range Gear: 




VIII b. F2P PK Trip 




VIII c. P2P PK Trip 



IX. Post a picture of you connected to our Discord, and Teamspeak.



X.  It is required that you attend at least four (4) events during your application process. Failure to do will result in your application being declined.
 Do you understand this? (*Post screenshots of the events you attended to this topic*)



XI. What time zone are you currently in?



XII. Have you read our rules and do you agree with them?

yes earth is not flat

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you need to read the directions carefully - it's asking for pictures of pk gear/supplies, as in return sets (what your bank tabs look like),


then further down, it asks for what you would wear/bring to pk trips - which is where you would post those (near perfect) pk gear pics,


And other than that I look forward to seeing you at events! thanks for applying 

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hey guy - no need for the accumulator, dbolts are dirt cheap now and it'll prevent you from getting hit by the rest of the clan who don't see your cape. i'll get in contact with you later this week and help you set some other things up. Thanks for applying! 

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Thank you very much for your consideration to join Fatality :D! You will be given the Applicant rank within the next 24 - 48 hours and have taken your first steps towards becoming an official Member of the clan. As part of the application process, you will be paired with a mentor, who will introduce you to our clan and our community, and put you to the test by observing and analyzing your clanning abilities. Please expect a Private Message from your mentor within 48 hours of this post - please respond to them and coordinate a meeting with your mentor in order to complete the mentor process. 
Keep in mind - the decision on whether or not to accept your application is strongly influenced by your interactions with your mentor.


Please read suggestions made by other members on this topic and by your mentor on how to improve your application and what else needs to be completed in order to fulfill the requirements to join Fatality! It is preferred that you post on this topic and provide updates to your application during the application process, so that we are able to view your progress.


Make sure to keep yourself updated with our events of the week (link below), which outlines mandatory events that are held throughout the week where you will be expected to attend if you have the availability. This is updated on a weekly basis, so be sure to check it out and stay up to date! 



We look forward to you joining us and contributing to the core of what we call a FAMILY! 


-Bleed Green


Your mentor(s) are - @Single Strip

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Hey what’s up bud basically what everyone else said just make sure you’re on for the trips this weekend 2pm est idle teamspeak so you can attend a few rev trips and make some bank and if you have any questions single strip#6302 on discord welcome to fi 

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Hello @oops 2 def

I noticed you have some things that need to be adjusted please check below with what needs to be fixed and update the application accordingly.


~ Gear & Supplies ~

Please upload a picture of your bank showing the following supplies.




Burning amulet - 50+
Annakarl Teleport - 50+
Dareeyak Teleport - 50+
Anglerfish/Dark Crab - 1000+
Saradomin Brew (4) - 250+

Super Restore (4) - 150+
Ranging Potion (4) - 100+
Super Strength Potion (4) - 100+
Stamina Potion (4) - 50+
Phoenix Necklace - 100+
Runite Bolt - 2000+
Blitz Runes - 1000+
Team-37 Cape - 150+


Return sets - 20+ 




Adamant Arrows - 2000+

Anchovy Pizzas/Swordfish - 1000+

Energy Potion (4) -  200+

Strength Potion (4) - 200+


Return sets - 20+ 



~ Clan Wars Gear ~




Upgrade your ancient staff to a master wand or Toxic staff.

Since you are 60 Attack please mage at preps instead of N-ranging



~ Wilderness Gear ~




You put the picture in the wrong section other than that looks perfect.




You put the picture in the wrong section other than that looks perfect.


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