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Fatality Sunday wishing legacy a happy Easter

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We massed up 67 Fatality warriors on this fine Easter Sunday. We set out with one thing in mind and we did just that, complete domination of our so called rival legacy. 


With legacy hiding from us yet again, we tried getting them in multi but instead got us some fights with Intense Redemption. The chose to rush us from west fog. We stood our ground even down a few opts, and caught them in a bunch of clumps towards the center of fog. We started to drop specs on them when Foe and legacy both came to crash. We moved around the cluster and focused legacy until they were cleared. 


We fought Intense Redemption again at fog where we stomped and took control of the eastern side of the fight, by the time we were starting to push west onto them Foe came crashing from the south so we pulled NE by the lava to stay grouped. We re positioned ourselves to hit from the east when legacy chose to log in towards the south along with Apex. We pushed south onto legacy and made quick work of them, we then went on to clear up the remainder of Apex before we got a bank.












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easy for fatality clan

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