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Fatality Sunday killing LY yet again

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After a fantastic Saturday trip in which we forced Legacy our so called rivals to stick to single and not dare touch multi. We were hyped to once again destroy the fuck out of them in the P2P Server. We massed up a strong 69 Fatality members to do just that. 


Even with a similar pull unfortunately Legacy still refused to fight us for a majority of the trip, so we hit them in single multiple times to prove to their members what spineless pussies their ranks are. 


We saw the opportunity to hit Legacy who were spread around dwarves, unfortunately Supremacy also showed up as we went to rush them, so it turned into a small cluster. We ran through Supremacy to focus on our targets, when Foe decided to also join in on the cluster. We redirected our focus back to the center of boneyard where there were big clumps combining of the two clans.  After clearing up what was at boneyard we just dipped out to get a re-bank.


Once again we caught Legacy with their pants down as they were spread at fog. We rushed from the west and immediately pushed ontop of them.  Hearing there were clans crashing we positioned ourself to the east in order to clear whatever legacy was left. With Legacy gone we moved back west to hit Foe. We caught them and some Intense Redemption members in a but clump, which we obliterated.  We continued to hold the eastern side, until we went up to the north and teled to get a regroup. 
















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Was a lit trip can't wait for next weekend :D 

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