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Fatality P2P Trip Ft ly, IR, Sup

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Set out today with a strong 60 Pure Elites later peaking at 74



We wasted no time on this beautiful Sunday to step into the wilderness. We were quick to find legacy spread ontop of 26 hill. We logged in on top of them, and proceeded to beat them down.  As we started to chase them south and east to single, we noticed Supremacy wanted to join in on the fun. We turned around northwest and pushed on top of them and caught them in a few clumps. Before we could push farther into them Foe logged in so we dipped out. 


A little bird squawked in my ear that legacy was spread east of bandits in multi, so we went with a heavy northside to rush them. Unfortunately, they instantly teled as we began to rush them from the east. 


Found Intense Redemption spread along the eastern side of CA, so we wrapped along the eastern trees and caught them in a fatty box that we proceeded to obliterate. HeArd Foe was coming to log in so we pulled east a bit to ghost hut continuing to hit the IR who followed and dipped when Foe came to rush. 














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man legacy leaderboards are gunna be a great read after the embarrassment of a trip they had

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