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Fatality Winter 3v3 Tournament

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Family Feud PVP Tournament 


Fatality will be heating up this winter with some hot and steamy 3 v 3 action! Over the next weeks I will be hosting a competition between members of the clan. This will not only be an opportunity to develop your skills and bond with clan-mates but there will also be prizes awarded throughout the tournament in addition to a huge grand prize. 




Signups for the tournament will begin immediately and close when a suitable number of teams have entered.


The competition will consist of several phases. 


Phase 1 matches will involve F2P and P2P rounds in clan wars 


Phase 2 matches will involve F2P and P2P wilderness fights


Phase 3 will be open season. Clans will elect a rule-set for this phase on a forums poll later in the tournament. 


The four teams with the most points after round 3 will move onto the single elimination rounds. 




Entrants will choose their own teams for the tournament. Teams will consist of three members. All team members must be Fatality members or applicants. A maximum of one rank is allowed per team. All teams must include one applicant or new member.  Teams cannot change members after their second match and are strongly discouraged from doing so in any situation.  PM me if you need help finding a team. 



Matches will consist of multiple rounds of combat in F2P and P2P settings.


During phases I and II the winner of each round will be awarded 1 point and the loser will receive a -.5 penalty. 


During open season the winner of each round will be awarded 1 point and the loser will receive a -1 point penalty. 


In the end the teams with the most points will compete as the Final Four in a single elimination showdown. 





Prizes will be awarded to winning teams during Phase I and Phase II matches. There will also be a large grand prize for the #1 team. 




Everything in this bank tab will be awarded as a bare minimum for official prizes during the tournament. 

The prize pool will grow if there is enough participation in this event.

Members are encouraged to setup side wagers on the results of individual matches. 




Phase 1 lineup and prizes will be announced after the close of signups. Matches will be held at times convenient for the two teams involved and must be scheduled with 24 hours prior notice. All matches must be attended by myself, a non participating rank, or a third party vidder who is approved by both teams.  Scheduling for subsequent matches will be announced at a later time. 




Please post your team's registration below. Use the following format for your Post


Team Name: Your Team Name

Team Members:  RSN of each team member

Team Availability: What days and times team is available for matches

Team Slogan: If applicable


Be sure to read the Teams section above for team requirements before posting your registration!!



Any other questions  or suggestions feel free to message me.

Phases and match rules may to change as the tournament progresses.



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2 minutes ago, maxedjackal said:

If goth doesn't then we snag @Rebekah

goth don't count for that requirement 

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9 minutes ago, Daps said:

goth don't count for that requirement 

He's a member

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gl everyone

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