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Going to dabble in this game again

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I. Who introduced you to Fatality?
I was in Impact Pures early 07 and if memory serves correct they closed the clan and most joined Fatality so I came with.


II. Do you plan on joining Fatality?
I plan on rejoining the community, and I have an account that's leveled enough to tag if possible one day.
III. What is your current RuneScape Name?
UPDATE** My RSN is: Mini0bese   
IV. What is your RuneScape(Clanning) history?
The Fallen Souls

Impact Pures



V. What are your goals for your RuneScape account?
I want to finish leveling it the way I want to, but as for anything else I have no clue. It's been sooo long.


VI. Anything else you'd like to add?
My names Steve, I joined late 07 early 08ish till about 2014. I worked my way up to High Council > Warlord > Co-Leader and had the best of times here.

You may know me as Fkb J, the account I was using that I at one time shared with my old friend Jimmy.

I do plan to stay around the community and play the game for awhile. Hopefully once I'm re-acclimated to the game I can tag along a trip or two.

I enjoy lots of music, in particular EDM and I attend many festivals in the summer in the Midwest US so if you're into that shit lmk. I also DJ here and there.

Going after work to buy a mouse for my MacBook and also a headset so I can reintegrate myself and talk to everyone.


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1 minute ago, lennu said:

Hello welcome back sir

Thank you glad to be back!

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12 minutes ago, Maffiajef6 said:

i remember you i think :P


welcome back matey :)

Yes it's been awhile! Thank you :)

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16 minutes ago, Sensat1ons said:

weird flex but ok

I'm confused

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