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Sunday - Shit Clans Smoked.

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After a slick trip Yesterday, We massed up 45 Green Men later peaking at 52 Green Dicked Warriors for our P2P Sunday Adventures. Misfits had a surge of activity when child rapist Zee returned from jail, but quickly remembered they are shit. Unfortunately for the hooters they only pulled 20 and didn't wear capes.

(week 2 btw)




Fatality vs BP

We found BP in Misfits capes in singles, so we quickly told them to take their capes off and while they were in the process of doing that we completely fucking steamrolled them.


Fatality vs Envy & Hydra

We heard Envdra was sitting around fog, We logged in west of them and started chucking tbs, we quickly took them down to 10 opts ingame and than completely cleared them up.


Fatality vs Siege

For them being a CWA Based team, they sure are shit in singles. We logged in on top of them and started hitting them in singles, Instantly there was like 5 siege in game. And like 4 of them were shitty mains. Unlucky bros.


Fatality vs Siege

Round 2 was alot easier than round 1. We found those idiots nearly in the same place. We started hitting them and within 2 minutes it was over, and lalo was trying to run south but ended dying to a mighty green dds.


Fatality vs Supremacy & Misfits & Siege & Eruption of Pures

We setup a fight against Supremacy down opts, We hit them near fog and the fight started off pretty even, Eventually Misfits decided to crash and we reposition to the south behind them, Once we all got south Misfits got deleted and went to edge bank, Supremacy eventually teleported out. We than found Siegers west. We continued to hit them and got rushed by EOP. We pulled back south east and they didnt follow. We than hit SIege in singles and smoked them really quick.










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Look like fun sorry i missed i was with the girl picking pumpkins! Now going out to eat.

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32 minutes ago, Joseph said:

Gf bros


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