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Sunday - Big Sunday Slammers.

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Fatality vs Phoenix

We found PX walking into multi in a fall in just north of edge bridge. We quickly caught a barrage clump on the majority of them and held right on the singles line. We killed a couple and sent PX to regroup real quick.



Fatality vs Phoenix FT  Strike Team & Misfits.

We setup a fight with PX and defended at barb village. PX logged in on top of us and we instantly began to push them with specs and take a slight advantage. ST logged in from the west and crashed the fight. All Clans quickly teleported to edge and went to rehit. We went towards the bridge and found MF in a sizeable clump and began to barrage them, ST was rushing so we teleported out and went to rebank.



Fatality vs Against All Odds.

We setup a fight with AAO and they defended at 21 Hill. We rushed them from the west and demolished their spread to the north we continued to push them south and eventually cleared them completely. We knew they would try to rerush so we positioned ourselves at 18 ports and waited for them. They initially came up with 12-15 and we began to body them once again. We pushed them all the way south to the tele spot where they would try to return for several minutes with us just continuously spawn killing them. Eventually they called off returning and we took a quick ending and went to bank.


Fatality vs Final Ownage Elite

With all clans sitting inside Al Kharid we logged in on top of FOE in multi and began fighting in singles with hopes the clans would move from the bank and fight. They didnt move instead they stood at the bank so we fought foe for a bit than teleported to go flame clans at the bank.


Fatality vs Against All Odds FT. Randoms (BP) & Intense Redemption & Strike Team.

We logged in south of EOP fighting at sperm and found BP. We quickly spec'd all of them out and sent them running. We pushed west towards CA and than south west. We found AAO south and caught them in huge clumps sending the entirety of their clan to edge. IR rushed from the north and we dipped before they could crash. We quickly teleported up to corp and found ST south of corp we cleared them up and then we pushed south and cleared the rest of the world.



Fatality vs Against All Odds

We once again went to go hit AAO who were at barb. We logged in on top of them and began to spec and tb them. they began to teleport out and die. We quickly cleared them up and dipped before anyone could crash.


Fatality vs Phoenix FT. Misfits & Intense Redemption

We were waiting for a clan when PX rushed us from the west near CA, We quickly teleported out and went corp to bamboozle them. We found ST & PX outside and hit them from the north and killed a couple MF stragglers. IR came from the south and we quickly went to bank.












Pictures of Ownage Below.




































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fucking SICK trip boys as usual FI GANG RULES

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action packed trip honestly super fun

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big stfu to fathead @Kenny btw

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nice trip despite the low pull

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Like 2 mins of TB'd no food pneck camping, didn't have time to loot more food with all the clumps lol, bringing blood barrage next time.



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despite the pull due to the time change we completely steamrolled everyone who fought us. Great job boys, BIG SUNDAY SLAMMER.

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