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Tanqe Jr

2018 Anime ur looking out for?

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23 hours ago, Weffe said:

I don't watch anime. Is that bad?


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9 hours ago, Lee said:



Violet evergarden is a much watch. Overlord 2, s2 of 7 deadly sins, Poputepipikku, grancrest senki, darling in the franXX, devilman:crybaby





boku no hero s3, steins gate 0, Tokyo ghoul RE (hopefully wont be trash lol), shokugeki next arc, SAO alternate actually looks super lit


to be announced airing dates


made in abyss s2, fooly cooly s2(HYPE)& there will be a s3, highschool DxD Hero, one punch man s2, Toaru Majutsu no Index III (FINALLY), mekakucity reload, zoku owarimonogatari(wish this series could go on forever), Grisaia: Phantom Trigger, Kakegurui s2(more gambling), another shingeki no bahamut, 


btw watch made in abyss if you havent yet @Tanqe Jr


here u go @Covet

Ily @Lee

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