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Mini Promos

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We understand that the last promos were not too long ago, however there were several people the ranks were too excited to wait and promote. These guys, in their own individual way, go above and beyond for the clan non stop, and for that we feel that you are all more than deserving of this set of promotions.



@@Jared - It is really hard to sum up what this maniac truly does for us. From bringing us endless amounts of recruits, to having perfect weekend attendance for over 3 months, to studying calling videos every night and tweaking his calling to improve our outcomes and so much more, this promotion was a no brainer for Matt, Swelly and myself. Jared you are a good friend and it will be a pleasure and an honor to now work alongside you in area 52, you earned this and you know it.



@@Cain - The infamous Silverblood Warlord. Since Cain first joined Fatality he's always been a productive and loyal member. You can always find Cain posting on forums, on teamspeak and in the wilderness. He's been mentoring our applicants for quite some time now and has definitely earned this promotion. We're all excited to see Cain move up to Veteran. You have a bright future ahead of you, we're glad to have you in Fatality.


@@DemuxDemux, in December you made a topic about gear optimization. I was impressed by the amount of effort put into said topic especially considering that you were an advanced member at the time. It's not very often that people show an interest in the details that go into warring, and to show an affinity towards that type of information at such an early stage in the clan left with me a hope that you'd continue to contribute in such a way. As reflected in your perfect attendance, I can still see that sort of devotion. Your insight and curiosity were what made you stand out in my eyes, and with this promotion I believe that you can benefit the clan in a great way. I just hope to see more of what I saw in you when you were advanced, and I'm sure you won't disappoint. Congratulations. -Cody


@@HyperionsYou've impressed us all since the day you joined, the passion and desire you are showing to not only better yourself but better this clan is truly something to reward. I've been looking forward to this day for a long time brother, this is your first step to hopefully something even greater in the future. Stay active, dedicated and passionate my friend but most importantly of all, stay aesthetic <3 - Nick


@@KFCKFC, my brother, your time has come. The oppression that has been left to fester for far too long is finally being rebuked, and you will take your rightful position as veteran of the pure clan Fatality. You have shown us something that not very many have willingly offered, a tenacious loyalty. I'm glad that you've decided to make Fatality your home and I hope that it treats you as well as you will it. You're a personality that will do well for the clan, and not to mention that your ingame abilities are top quality. Having someone with the knowledge and perspective that you have makes for a far more interesting and exciting clan. I hope that with your promotion you make it known to those who don't know why it is that you deserve it as much as you do. Congratulations. 



@@NOT2bFKedWIT - If you've been to a trip then you already know who this guy is.  But besides keeping the clan chat updated constantly during trips he's always been a role model from activity, to vidding events, to his generally positive attitude.  You're exactly the kind of person we look for when look for veterans, and I'm excited to see what you can do with this promotion.



@@Persian TomEver since coming over from Ascent with his boy Hyperions he has been a good role model for this community.  He is an active member with previous leadership experience and a lot to offer this clan.  From always helping us out on weekend trips to the occasional recruits during the week, Persian Tom has the potential to become an incredibly valuable asset to this clan. We look forward to see where you go from here.


@@PexEver since joining Fatality Pex has shown incredible activity on all our communication mediums (TS/IRC). He sets a great example with his account and attendance at events and he helps us out with scouting on weekends. Keep doing work mate, you've definitely earned it to be a veteran of Fatality and we look forward to see where you can go from here.  - Kev



@Has put effort in from mini waring to mentoring, making sure he has the pristine gear in p2p and simply being a role model to newer members, Always able to help in anything he can and is loyal to the bone to fatality. Active on forums and always at events welcome Swedish Viking i know you'll do well. - Josh

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Wow this is really unexpected. Thanks so much! Grats everyone!

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