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Elit3 Bs3r closed Final Ownage Elite... EOP next

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Got a leak in Corrupt Pures where one of their rank told me that CP ranks were mad at "David" who is warlord for Corrupt Pures due to David who flamed Hittin for not helping them against Fatality where we able to raped them in .5 secs without SV. Hittin lost his respect for Corrupt Pures where Corrupt Pures couldn't find any main clan to help them which make them to stay Mossies for the rest of their trips.


But....... David decided to call his main clan (Anonymous Community) I know this will be challenge because AC is better than SV, but don't worry.. we had one of best callers aka @@Chris who decided to come online and helped us to rape retards clan aka Corrupt Pures.


Got a leak in Final Ownage Elite as well, where their leader who is a dutch.. Says a lot about Dutch... He wanted to close Final Ownage Elite because MM fucked them where they don't have any assistance against us. RIP FOE 2K14-2K14 under Dutch Leader l0l0l0l.


Never promote any Dutch kids than Leader....


Want hear true fact? Did you know that our former dutch leader, @@Davey who led us for a few months where we didn't slump because he's the guy who know how to lead while FOE Dutch leader doesn't. 







A few mins later... I got pmed from "dull" who is FOE warlord, he pmed me FOE locations since FOE is closing tonight. First fight we had cluster at dwarves where we pushed Final Ownage Elites into trees then we found Eruption of Pures and we killed a few of them. We had a fall in to see how many ending opts... Then "dull" Foe warlord info me that Foe is about to re-rushing and we're ready and pot up without banking where we cleared them to furnace. Then Corrupt Pures warlord "David" who told Corrupt Pures to use their energy from single mossies.. Their energy were "100 energy to 0" when they arrived dwarves where we laughed because they got "0" run where they can't run anywhere.. We cleared them to furance... Same inv... No bank shit






Corrupt Pures warlord, David who begged AC to help them, but AC declined because they said "Money talks" then David asked them how much? AC told them "2M per people" where Corrupt Pures rank team couldn't afford it. 


We found Corrupt Pures and Final Ownage Elite near mossies where we rushed into FOE first then they ran north to lava tip which were pathetic because they're closing tonight and still running from us? Then CP and FOE thought they could cleared us by regrouping then rerushing where they both failed. Both fights were like 20-30 mins and it was easy. 

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