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  • Around May-June 2005, there was a clan called Noobsquad. It was a pure clan that was made for fun.
    Led by Xxxbrighteyes and Noobranger 1(R0on scimmy and R00n Scimmy), NS was a few weeks old with a good 15-20 members. There had also been another pure clan around with our levels called EOP (Empire of Pures) led by 3 Hit u Pure. Noobsquad had declared a capped war of a 3×3(?) and NS had defeated EOP. Then days after Noobsquad had decided to have an alliance, a couple days later EOP had become very inactive and 3 Hit U Pure wanted a merge with Noobsquad. Members of NS discussed this and agreed it was in their best interest to merge. These two clans might also have been some of the first massed pure clans of Runescape 2.

    Chapter 2: Ez Ownage [EO] is Born!
    The merge was happening, from EOP there was 3 Hit u Pure, Soostrong, Dj p00n j00, Bunnyranger0 , Tieu2atree, Trxs Pure, Judge Ownage,
    from NS there was Xxxbrighteyes, Noobranger 1, Frogx, Cosmo neb Pk, xFlame eyesx, Rang3 to Own,aghurdead, b0ssman, die dude01/lunar pk, del0nge, xox hawt xox a few others. The name was chosen to be Ez Ownage. 3 Hit u Pure created the forums and things were under way. The Requirements’s at the time were 55+.

    Chapter 3: The First Pk trip
    I was busy training range at lessers on Karamja when I got pmed by judge ownage to come to a pk trip with EO. It was our first pk trip and we got about 60-70 wildy opts, which was excellent for an unofficial pk. We got many kills, some of which I got and took a pic of =)


    ezownage17ks (1).png

    After this pk trip many more great people came, and we got a lot of new members such as: M1ght3y m4g3, Melee eleven, Range eleven, Pk arrow007, Diavil1, Flip516, Flipspurest and many more.

    Chapter 4: Many wars

    Ez Ownage was getting big and thought it was time for some wars, we declared war on Knights of Ownage (KOO) and won. We warred them a 2nd time and also won, a few weeks or so later we warred EP(Elitepurez) at hill-giants, we won again. And once when we were on a pk trip we ran into heaps and heaps of lvl 40 rangers wearing red capes. They called themselves TP (the pures) we ran into them at giants and asked for a mini-war, they accepted. It was to take place at gds, they dded near gds and ran in. They got owned pretty much and we had 6 ppl left at the end (one of which was me). After those wars we started to get more publicity and more members some of which were: Just gangsta, just Fall, 0 Conker 0, deathArro2, Trane2lumby, Pur3c4rn4g3, Nippon Mage, and many more. Our requirements were also raised to 65+ / 70+



    Chapter 5: Ez Ownage makes some Rivals
    EO pked a lot and when we pked we usually ran into EP (elitepures) we ran into them so much we started to hate each other, we had countless of mini wars at giants and hills and started to flame each others boards like crazy, and to make it worse EP got some allies called VIP (very important pkers). They flamed us with EP and had many joint pks with EP so EO formed a hatred to VIP aswell, TP and EO were neutral at the time. One of our new members at the time was bigphatmike… and he liked flaming. He flamed every single one of our members and to help him was xz punage zx (l3ts pk1) and on one pk trip they went too far bsing one of our members that I was freinds with. They killed him and so I killed them… they left EO and formed a new clan called FP or something?
    Luckily enough it didnt last and died. Our req’s were raised to 75+


    Chapter 6: Inactive Invasion
    School was getting the better of our leaders r00n r0on 3hit and Trxs, and our warlord Judge Ownage quit runescape. EO was going downhill. Txs trained up his attack 10+ combat and decided to leave. r0on was m.i.a. r00n and 3hit were doing their best but couldnt help… EP also had this problem and they disbanded and made a new clan called Destined Pures (DP). DP declared war on EO… EO declined and were declared inactive. Most members left and only the truly loyal stayed. The forums got closed down…. it was a very sad day.

    Chapter 7: Supreme Ownage is born
    3hit joined a new clan called Supreme Ownage, led by agressor,and chibi being high council. Many EO saw this and decided it was a good clan and also joined along with 3hit, 3hit was made leader and SO was born. Reqs were 75+


    Chapter 8:Supreme Ownage runs smoothly
    SO earned a lot of publicity from pure sites and gained a lot of new members, including I Sc1m1tar I,jack2004inet and many more good active members. We raised our reqs to 77+ which was thought to be a good rounded number. And we introduced the voting board. The voting board was used by EOP (empire of pures) and suggested by soostrong to be used with EO but it never happened. The voting board is a good opportunity for members to get a post count and express their opinion thus making the members happier =)

    Chapter 9: Applications fly in!
    SO got at least 5 new members daily which resulted in a new rank “forum staff”. Soostrong got this new rank and helped the leaders move the applicants to voting board. SO pk trips were going great at the time and we started having P2P trips, and us and DP hadn’t been flaming each other so much, so everything was going good for SO. I also made up the term s0wnage which was used by every1 =p new members at the time were, eggy, august 24 o4. Ezi pk and soostrong made a new account called h1t m4n.


    Chapter 10: The War with TNC (The Neggas Clan)
    SO was getting bigger and decided it was time for a war, TNC were wanting to war us so we accepted and the war was put in place. We boxed at members gate awaiting the charge of the DEF FRooTZZX! lol and yes they did charge, they had many 90-100′s but we out organized them and came out with a big win =) new members at the time were D I P S E T (giving great publicity for SO with her/his vids) Iso Nuoli,Brendanoob and many more.

    Chapter 11:The great depression
    SO fell inactive again and lost some members and were m.i.a in the wildy so some new ranks were put forth with the high council and what not, with Range Eleven being high council and me getting forum staff. We stayed active on forums and soon got back into shape. Reqs were raised to 80+. Some of the new members were P H O O D, punks last, 0 oo0 o,o 0oo0 o, ipkgoblins69.


    Chapter 12: War with The Pures
    Starting Options: ???
    Ending Options: ???


    As the clan went smooth through out the months, the clan had grown in an extremely fast rate! 85 members was reached and we now knew we were ready for another full out war… and it was The Pures. VIP aka. Very Important Pkers had disbanded for some reason. Jibs2ndpure private messages 3 Hit u Pure to declare a Full Scale War. D-day: The Due date of the war against The Pures. Supreme Ownage masses Exactly 60(180 Wildy Options) members of Supreme Ownage out of 85 members, which was a great turn out. As the war went on, Supreme Ownage comes out with a glorious Victory! This war had officially put us above TP, thus ranking us Top 3 in pure clans!





    Weeks after the War against Tp, New Pure clans had been reborn, and or reborn such as Fade, The Last Pures, Gods of Destruction, Dreaded Victory, Roasted noobs, Legendary Pures, etc. But Supreme Ownage was ontop of those.


    Chapter 14: The Juniors
    Ever since Supreme Ownage Requirements had been raised to a 80+ combat stat, pure players of Runescape had became fans of Supreme Ownage and were training for it, in MASSIVE NUMBERS. The Leaders of Supreme Ownage discussed the plan of creating a junior clan for Supreme Ownage. Later on, days had continued to plan ways of starting a junior clan without causing too much trouble. Then out of nowhere, a clan called Ownage Pures had volunteered to be S0′s Junior clan because they were a low level clan made out of fans of Supreme Ownage. Weeks after, OP had been dying because of inactivity… 3 Hit u Pure then decides to create a new forum, new name, to transfer all the succesful members of Ownage Pures to recreate a more active clan to sort out the inactives. A new junior clan is born…the Sacred Pures.


    Chapter 15: The Allies, the War, The Morale
    Weeks later, Sacred Pures had grown in an EXTREMELY fast pace! Currently 78 Members in a couple of weeks had made them current top pure junior clan(If there were any other at the time). Sacred Pures then allied with Erruption of Pures . Meanwhile, The Pures had decided to declare war on both the allies. D-Day had come… both allies merge together at the war, ultimately massing 306 wildy options (102 Pures)!! This must have been the record for most pures in a war thus far. Great turnout, but bad loss. The war was crashed by Deathrow, and The Pures took the victory, but before the war both SP and EOP had a conflict which had lasted for 2-3 weeks so that might well have affected the result of the war…


    Chapter 16: Supreme Ownage Legends
    Former members of Ez Ownage, those who had stayed loyal and trustworthy were given a Specific Rank called the ‘ Supreme Ownage Legends’. They had earned a rank as the Legends of Supreme Ownage because of all the Months the clan had gone through. It was like a family and there were now well respected members such as Elders. Such ranks were given to F R O G X and M1ght3y M4g3. May our hearts be with you after all these months, concluding to 1 year. Jack was given high council around this time too.


    Chapter 17: Declarations are made
    Kyle declares full out war against FOE, He also declares 20v20 p2p against TP, although most members think of this as bad idea, putting aside the fact that it will help with the momentum of SO greatly. To help our inactive leaders, new ranks were chosen:

    Soostrong-Co leader
    I Sc1m1tar I -Co leader
    Melee Eleven – High Council
    I Be The Sin – High Council
    Brendanoob – High council
    Massabob – Forum staff
    Eggy – Forum staff


    Chapter 18: Supreme Ownages .V.S. Mayhem Makers Mini-war!
    Starting Options: 144 Wildy Options = 48 People
    Ending: ??


    Teat Wat came into the Supreme Ownage channel on Swiftswitch, he publicly declares a 30 minute prep against Supreme Ownage. Supreme Ownage attends with 144 Options on Video. The day after the mini war, with the absence of Jimmy(o0 0…etc), Jack2004inet is made an Official leader, and to replace Jacks missing high council spot Beezlebub Pk is awarded with a shiny new rank.


    Chapter 19: Supreme Ownage .VS. Final Ownage Elite FULL WAR!



    Starting Options: 214 Options = 71 People W/o Looters/Spectators
    Ending Options: 148 Options = 49 People


    Supreme Ownage won, with many options still left, but were accused of cheating since Rrune4 who was not apart of the clan because of his high level of defence, attended the clan war without being told to go, while having over 70 people seeing Rrune4 and telling him not to go. He didn’t listen.


    Chapter 20: Ascended Pures
    Supreme Ownage decided to move the clan from Supreme Ownage into a new site to basically get away from all the problems. Under the influence of I Sc1m1tar I, Supreme Ownage moved under the new name Ascended Pures. 2 Days pass and I Sc1m1tar I quits for Final Ownage Elite for some random reason during the switch of forums, causing more problems for the clan..

    Chapter 21: Return Home
    After Ascended Pures was reviewed by many people as a way to just get away from all the problems of flaming etc… 3 Hit decided that a move to Supreme Ownage was mandatory and that the switch from Supreme ownage into Ascended pures was a cowardly one. During this confusion many people left, along with Ezi pk, and 2 leaders, I Sc1m1tar I and 0 Agressor 0.