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    Tony from EZPZGP.NET

    thanks everyone for all the love we also offer questing and training services!
  2. TonyEZPZGP

    Tony from EZPZGP.NET

    50m+ drop party tonight at 6pm est!!!
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    Tony from EZPZGP.NET

    ayy whatsup homie!!!
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    Tony from EZPZGP.NET

    A little bit about us, Ezpzgp has been around for some time now but on a smaller scale and only focusing on selling to the pure community. After a few successful years, we are finally expanding from a “personal” forum seller to a full-blown gold selling site for EVERYONE! We are a business that is located and operated in the United States and always promise to provide the best customer experience around. Not only do we value customer service but to sell you the CHEAPEST gold on the internet! You are probably asking yourself what makes this site any better than the next. Well we always promise to be the cheapest and if we aren’t we will HONOR AND BEAT any major web site price guaranteed. You will never experience a better site for your rsgp needs. Just like our motto says Buy.Sell.Gold.No Bullshit! www.EzPzGp.net Skype: MAKE SURE ITS ONLY THE ABOVE SKYPE! ALSO ASK FOR PM CONFIRMATION TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE TALKING TO THE CORRECT PERSON! If they refuse to pm they are FAKE!!! we are Currently: BUYING and SELLING GP! * TO AVOID BEING SCAMMED PLEASE JOIN OUR LIVE CHAT *