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  1. MyPride

    [iron szn] gz me

    Grattss, got it recently on my hc as well. No tomes or any other unqiues in the process tho =/
  2. MyPride


    wag1 broer Hope you gonna app up soon m8
  3. MyPride

    Hey brothers

    Hey buddy, welcome back
  4. Good fucking shit NR.1
  5. MyPride

    DikonsCider intro

    Hey! Welcome
  6. MyPride

    Hey Guys

    Hey bro! Welcome to FI
  7. MyPride

    big green clan

  8. MyPride

    7 more

    bikk farmer, grats m8
  9. MyPride

    Toxic Staff + Tome Pk!

    Dang bro yoinked his staff like a ...! Gg ez loot
  10. MyPride


    Nice m8 grats
  11. MyPride

    Camtasia Studio Vidding Guide

    wow big software pirating!!! Personal preference would be to use OBS
  12. MyPride

    Pa n d a Intro

    Hi man, welcome! Hope to see you around soon
  13. MyPride

    lucky day

    Thats sick dude, congrats!
  14. MyPride

    Sup dudes

    Sup sensei, welcome
  15. MyPride

    Real Crazy Intro

    Hey man welcome
  16. MyPride

    still blazing

  17. MyPride

    weinmcwildy Intro

    Hey dude! You already have decent stats, hope to see you apply soon
  18. MyPride

    Big ironman

    strongman, gz on the neintienein
  19. MyPride


    Hey m8 welcome to the forums!
  20. MyPride


  21. MyPride

    New Member! BloodsXCrips

    Yo m8 welcome to the forums