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    hey dude, wb
  2. Ay that's really nice to have. Congratz man
  3. Damn dude, very nice gratz on achievement
  4. Cave filled with money dispensers, big loot
  5. As we near 2020 it's time I follow the sheep and advance my abilities to block incoming damage more frequently
  6. Nice progression, for sure! I'd say get 75 attack, but keep in mind that if you ever decide to get 20 def as well the bracket you get in is only viable for clanning. Maybe start a baby pure on the side, quite fun too.
  7. Hi dude, welcome. Hope to see u around soon
  8. MyPride

    root app

    Bien, gracias. Y tu?
  9. hey dude, welcome to the forums!
  10. Hey fellow dutchie, welcome m8
  11. MyPride

    gaming hard

    Looking good! I have somewhat a similar setup
  12. L0l what kinda 🙉 was behind that screen
  13. Hey bud, welcome. Hope you are here to stay and I catch you around sometime.
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