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  1. MyPride

    Mil Introduction

    Hey dude, welcome!
  2. MyPride

    the GWAS tactician at work

    damn that was nice
  3. MyPride

    You MUST update TS

    Ty 4 heads up
  4. MyPride

    this that

    How is your virginity doing?
  5. MyPride


    Hi dude, welcome
  6. MyPride

    porter intro

    Hello there, welcome
  7. MyPride

    finally got that little wanker

    Ayyy grats man
  8. MyPride


    Sup m8, welcome!
  9. MyPride

    ilose bics introduction

    sup brother, welcome to the forums
  10. MyPride

    Introduction - Lshaggoblins

    Hi m8 welcome!
  11. MyPride

    [iron szn] gz me

    Grattss, got it recently on my hc as well. No tomes or any other unqiues in the process tho =/
  12. MyPride


    wag1 broer Hope you gonna app up soon m8