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  1. MyPride

    new pure lookin sexy already:)

    looking good mate
  2. MyPride

    Completed LMS

    I don't wanna hear it
  3. MyPride

    Completed LMS

    Not going there for a while now
  4. Actually a year since i joined 😮

  5. MyPride

    My life story....

    Hello sir
  6. MyPride

    lms halo on the iron

    Grats very sexy, I am not too far off myself
  7. MyPride

    Killer's Intro

    hi dude, welcome!
  8. MyPride

    first 99 (magic)

    nice dude grats on the 99
  9. MyPride

    Luci and I

    nice but painful
  10. MyPride

    no pet

    very nice my dude
  11. MyPride

    WC pet at 52

    wtf did u just get 2 pets, damn m8.. congratz!
  12. MyPride


    Hey m8, welcome to Fatality!
  13. damn dedication