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  1. MyPride

    weinmcwildy Intro

    Hey dude! You already have decent stats, hope to see you apply soon
  2. MyPride

    Big ironman

    strongman, gz on the neintienein
  3. MyPride


    Hey m8 welcome to the forums!
  4. MyPride


  5. MyPride

    New Member! BloodsXCrips

    Yo m8 welcome to the forums
  6. MyPride


    Dang hella nice, grats m8
  7. MyPride

    OldAndDirty Intro

    Hey man, welcome to the forums!
  8. MyPride

    Roman stole Jons penta kill

    Getting real close now
  9. MyPride

    lil baddie

    u going hard
  10. MyPride

    new introduction

    Hey man, welcome. Good to see you've applied already!
  11. MyPride

    I'm that nigga on the block

  12. MyPride

    beyond gone

    grats big gains
  13. MyPride

    How to properly mace for F2P

    Nice contribution! Well explained.
  14. MyPride

    11K wuu2

    Dang u addict, ill happily take my +1
  15. MyPride

    1800 skiller level

    Looking good, big man gains