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  1. MyPride

    farmer joe morning coffee etc

    ur gains r crazy
  2. MyPride

    Guaponese Intro

    Yoo bro welcome, lets nh fight sometime
  3. MyPride

    Farmtality wannabe

    Gz, nice gains
  4. MyPride

    Going to dabble in this game again

    Welcome brotherman
  5. MyPride

    Sneide's Introduction

    Welcome to Fi man!
  6. MyPride

    Ice Ice Baby

    Sexy 94 u got there, gratz man
  7. MyPride

    Mining gains.

    mad man, gz on the gians
  8. MyPride

    ironpure gainz

    Sexy stats too, grats man
  9. MyPride


    Idk how you do it, but grats man big gains
  10. MyPride

    My RNG at revs. #ficaves

    U been lucky, juicy loots
  11. MyPride


    Hey man, welcome to FI! Hope you enjoy ur stay
  12. Proud to say I am a member now!

    1. Phi


      Welcome brother, my ign is Fi Disciple, feel free to add me!

    2. Kawaii
    3. Harley


      welcome ❤️