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  1. MyPride

    88 Risen Intro

    hey dude, welcome to the forums!
  2. MyPride

    Dutch Introduction

    Hey fellow dutchie, welcome m8
  3. MyPride

    big dick acc

    damn huge
  4. MyPride

    thank you runelite+, very cool!

    Shit that's nice, congratz
  5. MyPride

    gaming hard

    Looking good! I have somewhat a similar setup
  6. MyPride

    3 FI LORDS clear wilderness

    L0l what kinda 🙉 was behind that screen
  7. MyPride

    Fatality sunday tripper ft gwases nigga

    Ur quick, nice vid m8
  8. MyPride

    What's up FI!

    Hey bud, welcome. Hope you are here to stay and I catch you around sometime.
  9. MyPride

    I can almost taste it..

    That's dedication
  10. Mmmm maybe I turn my baby pure into 20 deffer soon
  11. MyPride


    Curious to see the outcome of 3rd party clients. Anyhow, I personally use Exilent. Bought the pro version quite sometime ago because of the Right Click to Attack options. But I believe all clients have that now.
  12. MyPride

    1 more to go!

    nice man, looking strong
  13. MyPride

    Iron pure completed Zammy book

    Very nice book to complete, gratz m8
  14. MyPride

    new pure lookin sexy already:)

    looking good mate
  15. MyPride

    Completed LMS

    I don't wanna hear it