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    shh the fireman comin'

  3. Rainbow Squad

    Strange crash

    This happened in Georgia.... don't normally see stuff like this at all really @Fi Danny
  4. Rainbow Squad

    Strange crash

    Saw some sort of collision on the way home from work.... one was a truck with a radioactive symbol on it as big as day, the other was just a regular car..... wish I could have taken pics, but cops were all around the place making sure no one got close to that shit.
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    idk why man + intro

    Hello! Welcome to the community!
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    Rainbow Squad Introduction

    Hey! Will do man! Thank you!
  7. Rainbow Squad

    Rainbow Squad Introduction

    I. Who introduced you to Fatality? No one, found you guys on zybez. II. Do you plan on joining Fatality? Maybe in the future, would like to get to know more people first really, and train up my pures stats. III. What is your current RuneScape Name? RainbowSquad IV. What is your RuneScape(Clanning) history? Mostly been playing around with Main clans, and am still in one with my main account, but here is the list. Wilderness Guardians - First clan I ever really decided to join in on to learn about the Pking side of the game, ever since then my skills as a pker would grow steadily as my stats grew to max combat. Was also a Warlord within the clan, so was able to lead pking events, and then went to being an event master to lead events for bosses/skilling, etc. Vanguard (twice, and currently in on my main) - May be wondering why am I back in this one? Well once I left Wilderness Guardians to join in on Vanguard, it felt more like a home to me for a long while. I was eventually kicked for leaking out a clan event as Cutthroat and Jaja would crash a fight in the wilderness, and manage to crash a fight at CWA! I went on to joining Cutthroat after this, but then few weeks later decided to take a break from the game to take a breather, and to go out and find out myself during a small depression I had, but of course after my kick it didn't come without flames from the officials I won't lie about that... but eventually apologies were swapped between the clan and I, and was able to come back in as a member with open arms, but not with forgotten pasts. Cutthroat - Joined in here after my kicking from Vanguard, but after a few weeks left and went on a journey to find myself during my depression. Now for a Pure scene... still somewhat new to it so wanted to learn from what I believed was the best but.... Final Ownage Elite - Was really an Introduction to their clan, and was in the application process... but something felt extremely off with their Warlord as even the clan members of Foe would tell me that he doesn't normally act so Toxic as he was doing... Decided to stay away from the pure scene for a bit to focus on the main account. V. What are your goals for your RuneScape account? To grow a bond with the account, and have lots of fun doing plenty of events on a pure account to try new, and different ways of pking. Really have been wanting to try pure pking a lot, and will still be training to get the account to max 60 att combat stats. VI. Anything else you'd like to add? I may still be new to the pure scene, but will take in as much knowledge as I can to better myself at being in the pure scene. It seemed like a lot of fun when I was out with friends, and wanted to do that more within a pure clan while making more friends! I would definitely like some help growing the knowledge while on the pure side.