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  1. Lmao you have a lot of nerve showing your face around these parts @mods can someone hook me up with this kids IP?
  2. Gday. Mitch is irrelevant af still so I couldn’t give a shite if anyone flames him
  3. henry


    mate I am fantastic, nostalgia’d a bit to 09 days seeing your name intro here what’s news?
  4. make sure you’re online to pk trip 

  5. i don't often get emotional, but when i see such an outpouring of support for me to get legend rank i just can't help but tear up. thanks everyone

    1. Irish


      Well if @Couck can get it, i'm sure anyone can.

    2. DarKyWarKy
    3. Mitch


      You are off your fuckin dial mate

  6. many people are saying that i deserve legend. i'm not saying that i do but that's just what i've been hearing

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    2. Sly Waffle

      Sly Waffle

      =] i like u hen

    3. DarKyWarKy


      Would love to see you return. 

    4. Mitch


      lol no1 speaks about u bro

  7. swelly the ex hc? isnt he banned lol
  8. anyone got the link to the get a bind video?

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