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  1. @swelly miss you :(

    swelly the ex hc? isnt he banned lol
  2. Nhloc

    some of us go by different names now
  3. Nhloc

    ah welcome back it's fat demonpk btw
  4. Cold Beers Intro

    XXXX gold mate
  5. Bow boi

  6. 2018 Promotions

    when are the legend promotions?
  7. Yami|Devin

    g'day mate haven't seen you around in a while
  8. Bawsins intro

    g'day, welcome mate
  9. hi

    ahh i found the stench
  10. Who remembers Cain

  11. favourite pkers back in the day!?

    h e r o x v2 @Timmy