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  1. @swelly miss you :(

    swelly the ex hc? isnt he banned lol
  2. Bow boi

  3. 2018 Promotions

    when are the legend promotions?
  4. Who remembers Cain

  5. favourite pkers back in the day!?

    h e r o x v2 @Timmy
  6. unfortunately it's not something that can be taught. you either have it or you don't
  7. they must fit the following criteria: - when they post on your forum topic you get a little nervous hoping that they don't say anything negative - when they join a teamspeak channel you hear people sit up in their and fix any bad posture - any joke on IRC/teamspeak gets laughs regardless of whether it's funny or not - no-one ever calls them out for not falling in or being late to trips - their account is either complete shit and they don't care, or perfect stats i would usually be this person but atm im not very active. just trying to get a grasp of the current state of fi
  8. mine would be famous/famous_blood/matt - ex-administrator and troublemaker on IRC. perhaps the greatest personality to ever grace fatality forums vultures/range_0wnz_0/craig/vult/combat_reindeer - he needs no introduction honourable mentions: wcking179, yorik, jeff|solidz