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  1. i don't often get emotional, but when i see such an outpouring of support for me to get legend rank i just can't help but tear up. thanks everyone

    1. Irish


      Well if @Couck can get it, i'm sure anyone can.

    2. DarKyWarKy
    3. Mitch


      You are off your fuckin dial mate

  2. many people are saying that i deserve legend. i'm not saying that i do but that's just what i've been hearing

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    2. Sly Waffle

      Sly Waffle

      =] i like u hen

    3. DarKyWarKy


      Would love to see you return. 

    4. Mitch


      lol no1 speaks about u bro

  3. henry

    @swelly miss you :(

    swelly the ex hc? isnt he banned lol
  4. anyone got the link to the get a bind video?

  5. henry


    some of us go by different names now
  6. henry


    ah welcome back it's fat demonpk btw
  7. henry

    Cold Beers Intro

    XXXX gold mate
  8. henry

    Bow boi

  9. will be live streaming the tide pod challenge today! stay tuned @ twitch

  10. A hallucination is a perception
    In the absence of external stimulus
    That has qualities of real perception
    Hallucinations are vivid, substantial
    And are perceived to be located in external objective space

  11. yep... fuckin wake up and i have legit shat  myself. it's gona be one of those days huhhhh

    1. Lukee


      Legit have so much respek for this

    2. Irish


      One of those days of shitting yourself?

  12. my mate famous could hack these forums in 3 sec if he wanted

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    2. Magic


      my dad Barack Obama can fuck your mom 

    3. Collin


      7 minutes ago, Magic said:

      my dad Barack Obama can fuck your mom 

      wow, reported

    4. Josh


      @DarKyWarKy because its henry and he has no friends.