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  1. r9ng9d


    Good shit my man
  2. r9ng9d

    Positive KDA's Intro

    Welcome brotherman. Hope you enjoy
  3. r9ng9d

    Zlerp Intro

    Welcome brotherman hope you enjoy any questions pm me
  4. r9ng9d

    Some late night BH

    nice kills brother
  5. r9ng9d

    How to properly mace for F2P

    No fermy skirt? it offers str bonus aswell
  6. r9ng9d

    Sellin gips

    Vouch for @ItrollNaigay sold me 50m quick and easy
  7. r9ng9d

    60 or 75 attack?

    For the clan 75 att.
  8. r9ng9d

    99 Potionmaker

    Big Green Dick
  9. r9ng9d

    Sellin gips

    What’s your discord
  10. r9ng9d

    88 Risen Intro

    Welcome my man, hope you enjoy. Idle in "Fatality" CC and hope you come pk with us sometime
  11. r9ng9d


    Felicidadez amigo. Buena suerte.
  12. r9ng9d

    another baby pure level

    That ain’t a baby pure no more. That’s a full grown pure
  13. r9ng9d


  14. r9ng9d

    Clan Acc0unt (zero) introduction

    Welcome, seen you in the cc. Hope to see you around, any questions on me. T 1 K O
  15. Should take me about 3 days
  16. r9ng9d

    98 str, 1 more level to go

    78 slayer too
  17. r9ng9d

    my baby pure

    nice account mate, best of luck
  18. r9ng9d


    Welcome, hope to see you around my guy
  19. r9ng9d

    My intro

    Welcome to a big dick clan. You ready to shit on all the clans every weekend?