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  1. r9ng9d


    welcome, enjoy your stay
  2. today was a good day pking. good job boys
  3. r9ng9d

    Magics Castle War Service

    need a halo
  4. Need 80-90 str in NMZ and Halo and Top
  5. r9ng9d

    Dev Blog: Changes to pvp.

    can finally f2p brid l0l
  6. r9ng9d

    This shit takes forever

    nice. i stopped at 77, cba anymore
  7. r9ng9d

    [Sponsored] Nightmare Zone Services!

    Might use to get me from 80-90 str 🤔
  8. r9ng9d

    1 DEF Raids Guide

    this looks interesting, i want to try raids
  9. The Rebuild is real. Great trip guys.
  10. r9ng9d

    Eatin good tonight

    share i tbed
  11. r9ng9d

    c wars top/halo

    Do you still need?
  12. r9ng9d

    Halo,94-99 magic

    I can get you Halo in 2 days for 15m, and 94-99 magic depends on if you want me to nmz it or stun alch or bolt enchant
  13. r9ng9d

    Jagex Tournament Winners

    yooooooooooooo chill 😕
  14. r9ng9d

    ir wtf are u doing

  15. r9ng9d

    Intense Redemption .. oh no!!

    Tommy is such a fucking spastic, i swear he's worse than Zo.
  16. r9ng9d

    JMO Intro :)

    Welcome to Fatality