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  1. r9ng9d


    Welcome, hope to see you around my guy
  2. r9ng9d

    My intro

    Welcome to a big dick clan. You ready to shit on all the clans every weekend?
  3. r9ng9d

    M0Us intro sup

  4. r9ng9d

    Bun Bo Hue Intro

    Welcome to Fatality. Hope to see you on PK trips.
  5. r9ng9d


    Runelite+ is both PVP and Skilling. If you just want PVP focused, like you said, used Exilent.
  6. r9ng9d

    Making progress..

    Nice work man. might aswell go for 99 magic now that you're halfway there.
  7. r9ng9d


    Welcome brother, hope to see you around and the pk trips when we get some going
  8. EZ clear boys. That’s what I love to see. Let’s do this every night.
  9. r9ng9d

    All Birds Intro

    Welcome back. Hope you enjoy
  10. r9ng9d

    Fatality Night Squad

    It’s me on my zerker. My pure is being trained in by Rigo so I couldn’t get on.
  11. r9ng9d

    Fatality Night Squad

    Lmfao thank you. I felt so left out. Looks Dope tho. I love it.
  12. r9ng9d

    7 more levels

    Goodshit man. Nice account
  13. r9ng9d

    Exposing DC