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  1. Zerkin Offf

    Zerkin Offf (Knightro)

    Thanks. For now, I'm just checking out forums. I like to come and go here and there for convenience sakes
  2. Zerkin Offf

    Zerkin Offf (Knightro)

    I. Who introduced you to Fatality? It was in 2013, I dont remember. II. Do you plan on joining Fatality? Not right now, just poppin in III. What is your current RuneScape Name? Knightro (maxed main) - Roided (shared pure that I don't play) IV. What is your RuneScape(Clanning) history? Fatality (2013) first ever clan, I was clueless and didn't stay 1 def very long Ruin (main clan) Cutthroat (main clan) V. What are your goals for your RuneScape account? Main: none Pure: (97/99) hp and (93/99) mage and DT VI. Anything else you'd like to add? I got an email that it had been thousands of days since I was on forums so I figured I would stop by and say hello. I maxed my account since starting and have been in and out of CT since 2016. Found some old pics, figured I'd share them
  3. Zerkin Offf

    Best Client to play OSRS on

    Ive been gone for a while and I'm really out of the loop. What are the best clients to play on? I used to use swiftkit but im sure there are better things now. Thanks
  4. Zerkin Offf

    Zerkin Off Return

    Hey guys its been a while, but I will be coming back, which probably doesn't make a difference to most of you, but some people may remember me. Anyways, just thought I would stop in and say hey. Not sure how into OSRS i'll get, I may try to rejoin but we'll see. Here are some reminiscing pictures. Anyone remember or any old members still around and active?
  5. Zerkin Offf

    Account for Sale

    My bad I wasnt sure, but I posted it in selling just to make sure if I could that it was in the right place...
  6. Zerkin Offf

    Account for Sale

    Selling my account... You get the Old School and RS3 account because its the same login. Old school account has about 13m with items on it, decent pure all quested. RS3 account is a zerker, also all quested. Just came back to check things out, and I realized i'll never actually play again.. 27 days of membership left. Asking $75.. I think its a good deal.
  7. Zerkin Offf

    Only hp left

    very nice brotherin
  8. Zerkin Offf

    Let's fucking settle this now

    das not true all the time
  9. Zerkin Offf

    cya couck this is revenge

    Bank loot
  10. Zerkin Offf

    Rcbow's introduction!

  11. Zerkin Offf

    Profile Pic

    May someone "guide" me on how to make a picture small enough to be my avi? I crop and it still doesnt work... is there a site or some easy way to make a picture 50kb?
  12. Zerkin Offf

    good photoshop.

    Just a little awk
  13. Zerkin Offf


    Hello stranger
  14. Zerkin Offf


    yeee congratz
  15. Zerkin Offf

    bored at work | ..

    Lol write your name on it for the next pic