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  1. Fi lucifer

    Hello #Jass

    Hello man
  2. Fi lucifer

    which invy is better

    What are thoseeeeee?????
  3. Fi lucifer

    Little Project, Episode 1

    Goood luck brother recruit people wen ur at sand crabssssss
  4. Fi lucifer


    welcome to our forums mate hope to see you around
  5. Fi lucifer


    mopp mopp
  6. Fi lucifer

    F2p Saturday clean 1v1's vs Apex all day

    good day lets work hard to get bether everyone
  7. Fi lucifer

    Member of the month-May!

    Gratz my man good shit ceep doing what you do best!
  8. Fi lucifer

    rare topic from master skiller

    I wil be there not promising anything tho
  9. Fi lucifer

    Fatality vs Supremacy P2P Prep 3-0

    Good shit boys
  10. Fi lucifer

    woo levels:)

    Gratz on your 99 attack man perfect for clan wars preps
  11. Fi lucifer

    free time

    Post count replay dot dot dot .........
  12. Fi lucifer


    Eeey good to see u got the helo and top man congrats
  13. Fi lucifer

    big level on the iron

    Nice smithing level in you limited situation my friend fuck Ironman btw
  14. Fi lucifer

    single player in singles vs multi players in singles

    Good shit you outplayed them all
  15. Fi lucifer

    420 friendly

    Gratz on ur 99 man
  16. Fi lucifer

    Yes boys

    Gratz man good job
  17. Fi lucifer


    Nice man welcome to the club!!
  18. Fi lucifer

    Smacking clans on a P2p Sunday

    awsome trip today moppppppppp mopppppppppppppppppppppppp
  19. Fi lucifer


    Good job man love to see the grind is real
  20. Fi lucifer

    Forgot to upload. Goal 1/3 achieved

    POG he said with he’s 99 RC HIMSELF NON THE LESS GOOD SHIT @Schweden