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    playing rs working hard irl
    and have fun in life even if we are very poor ingame Always Smile!
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  1. Fi lucifer


    Good job man love to see the grind is real
  2. Fi lucifer

    Forgot to upload. Goal 1/3 achieved

    POG he said with he’s 99 RC HIMSELF NON THE LESS GOOD SHIT @Schweden
  3. Fi lucifer

    fi vs fs pkri

    Looks super dope man fucked I was not there
  4. Fi lucifer

    Whats good from shmoser

    Wat my boy airborne said also feel free to hob on our discord and TeamSpeak if you have any question I’m sure our members and friends wil help you out
  5. Fi lucifer

    Kii Lo Introduction

    Welcome to the fatality forums mate I can’t wacht to see your application good luck!
  6. Fi lucifer

    Shreagle's Introduction

    Welcome to the fatality community bro
  7. Fi lucifer

    Monday 5/20 PK Trips

    Fuck I missed out on this fml
  8. Fi lucifer


    Welcome to fatality feel free to join discord & TeamSpeak to chill with the boys
  9. Fi lucifer

    90 str

    Nice man. I got 94 str on my 60 att pure. Hope you don’t catch on to me to fast haha
  10. Fi lucifer

    Heidi Introduction

    @Heidi I’m happy you don’t consider me a retard haha
  11. Fi lucifer

    Rooze - Introduction

    Welcome hope to see you around
  12. Fi lucifer

    70 & 70

    Good shit bruh keep grainding that shit
  13. Fi lucifer

    nettos intro

    welcome buddy hope to see you around