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    playing rs working hard irl
    and have fun in life even if we are very poor ingame Always Smile!
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    Luci Uchiha

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  1. Fi lucifer


    welcome to our forums mate
  2. Fi lucifer

    Hi I'm Bushcat

    Welcome to fi forums mate
  3. Fi lucifer

    >> READ << Important Topic

    great topic i wich there were more @XGRX
  4. Fi lucifer

    PK Trip 12/20(12/21 actually)

    good shit bro go destroy em all
  5. Fi lucifer

    Fatality - Small PK Trip - Ft. BP, DC, Mains

    good shit brother i was forced to post for post count
  6. Fi lucifer

    im working on it

    Being active on forums +1
  7. Fi lucifer

    Sesto Sento Introduction

    Welcome to fi forums brother stay active we got cha
  8. Fi lucifer


    Welcomevto fi brother
  9. Fi lucifer


    Welcome man
  10. Fi lucifer

    Fatality Clears the caves FT. Apex, Reshistance

    Good to see guys people like you make fi greater than it already is
  11. Fi lucifer

    Zlerp Intro

    Welcome buddy a friend of @Zach P is a friend of me if u need anything pm me
  12. Fi lucifer

    luna uzumaki Intro

    @Turny Ownz are you okey ?... ur not my warlord look on the forums we already have a warlord
  13. Fi lucifer

    root app

    Welcome man be active in discord and teamspeak hang out with the boys join some pk trips at revs or by worlds