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    playing rs working hard irl
    and have fun in life even if we are very poor ingame Always Smile!
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    Luci Uchiha
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    Luciferm8 #8752

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  1. Fi lucifer

    Evil's intro

    welcome man your sure to join the big dogs ?. we are happy to have you
  2. great fucking day today boys lets gooooooooooooooo
  3. Fi lucifer


    Already seen you application but non the less welcome to our forums man
  4. Fi lucifer

    40M xp

    40m xp and no pet that is BS
  5. Fi lucifer

    All Birds Intro

    Yo wag one brother
  6. Fi lucifer

    L67 22 Psi

    Sorry for the late replay, nice to see your intro man happy u made one
  7. Fi lucifer

    Where my niggas at

    Welcome back mate
  8. Fi lucifer


    good shit man we proud !
  9. Fi lucifer

    Introduction - ign: Eulogia

    welcome to fatality man we happy to have you.
  10. Fi lucifer

    What’s the deal with Runelite+?

    i use runelite+ all the time so yea
  11. Fi lucifer

    What’s the deal with Runelite+?

    i dont think u get banned from it the save link is in here https://runelitepl.us/RuneLitePlusSetup.exe
  12. Fi lucifer

    PcActiveOn's intro

    welcome man A Friend of Elve is one friend of mine