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    playing rs working hard irl
    and have fun in life even if we are very poor ingame Always Smile!
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  1. heey i was there mopp mopppp
  2. Fi lucifer

    13def Intro

    mopppppppppp mopppppppppppppppppp They said they would hire mopp mopp refugees, Instead of hiring Americans. Like hell naw keep them in there country.  Quote
  3. we went to pking at revs today killed some kiids was fun !

    special tnx  to  harrytality for hosting this pk trip





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    2. Kevo


      fi lucifer ftw

    3. technocrat
    4. Fi lucifer

      Fi lucifer

      lulzzz  idk were to post that topic so i did this lelelele


  4. Fi lucifer

    OldAndDirty Intro

    Welkome to fatality, brother. feel free to join our teamspeak chill and PK with the boys have a good time and ofc making new friends !!
  5. Fi lucifer

    Pure Slayz Introduction!

    Welkome slayz. feel free to join our teamspeak chill with the boys lurn to know them. make new friends and most of all have a good time
  6. Fi lucifer

    How to not get defence using Runelite

    post count !!!!!!!! mopp mopp yes @Maffiajef6 that is correct
  7. Fi lucifer


    Hello welcome
  8. Fi lucifer

    Whats up guys?

    Welp me to Fi brother feel free to look AROUND on forums u can always join our teamspeak to chill with the boys make new friend and most inportent having a good time!!
  9. Fi lucifer


    Welkome to fatality brother. if you wanna. Chill with the boys u can always join our teamspeak make new friends Be actieve in there and on forums