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    playing rs working hard irl
    and have fun in life even if we are very poor ingame Always Smile!
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    Luci Senpaii

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  1. Fi lucifer


    Welcome man always good to see some new faces we happy to have you sir,
  2. Welcome buddy I do like the rsn haha
  3. Welcome to fi forums buddy happy to have you
  4. Fi lucifer


    welcome brother to the great clan the call fatality i hope to see you around chill migth let u join my raid here and there teaching Jamz senpai raids atm bdw # postcount
  5. Fi lucifer


    Lol still welcome to fi forums mate
  6. K got none I’m M I A. For at least one month cya all in hell
  7. Fi lucifer


    Welcome to fatality pures we are happy to have you stay active in Ts & discord
  8. Fi lucifer


  9. welcome to our forums mate
  10. Welcome to fi forums mate
  11. great topic i wich there were more @XGRX
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