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  1. Ki ng

    Job's done.

    Good and bad news in one. Was a blast ripping mf with ya. All the best bro.
  2. Ki ng

    Don't be this guy

    Idiot forgot you can't spec and tab now. Tried to ags spec me and tab. Ko'd.
  3. https://i.imgur.com/bhHmrqf.png https://i.imgur.com/DjhW0bE.png https://i.imgur.com/xNWDFQf.png
  4. Ki ng


    Yes my man! Glad to see you've intro'd.
  5. Ki ng

    98 nigga man

    Gz bro! One to go.
  6. Ki ng


    Never got a toxic staff of the dead kill... until today Banged this kid out with a sick combo and 30 30 dds spec.
  7. Another sick trip! Making bank. Quick pic of my loot tab from revs in the last 2 days.
  8. Made absolute bank tonight. Dropped some mf scum too. Sick trip!
  9. Ki ng


    Sick bro! Grats man
  10. Good trip boys! Was good to have a revs trip at a GMT time and we owned a few teams too. And made bank while we were at it
  11. Ki ng

    p rick introduction

    Nice bank and welcome bro
  12. Ki ng

    "Don't wake and bake"

    Had been fighting some team at alter in another world, managed to log out and logged straight into this 107 when I was at half food. Fought him for a bit, couldn't hit shit constantly splashing on him. Got a freeze and decided to go for a clutch dds spec, 32 28 dds spec for AGS. Team logged in just as I looted the ags and mystic, I was risking toxic sotd after picking this up but managed to log out. Making dem gains, another 19m to the bank . Pm'd him at bank he said "Don't wake and bake" as he apparently forgot to protect item lol.
  13. Ki ng

    Jagex Tournament Winners

    LOLOL rematch needed! It was great fun though.