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  1. Fatality hit the caves with twice today, feasting upon loot each time. GMT squad had roughly 12-15 and EST crew was roughly 10-12. Both times we had some good fun and got plenty of loot! Thanks to all who came and post pics below: @V1ce @XGRX @Airborne @Misterr Fred @Ffs ImDrunk @Remediate @Testified @Tomsk @Brent @Volk @Petsku37 @akrr @Ben @Bindz @Illuminato @O W A R I @technocrat @Pex
  2. Hit the caves early today with half a dozen viscous killers, proving you don't always need big numbers to make big bank. Post pics below: @V1ce @Fi lucifer @Motekiku @Prego @O W A R I @Pyxius
  3. We hit the caves today with ~12 . PKed for about two hours got a bunch of action and was overall a very organized and cohesive trip. Hoping to see more people show up to these events so we can take down some of the bigger teams out there. Post pics everyone who attended
  4. Dabs

    Monday GMT Revs

    FI started the week off right with some revs action. Had a good two hour trip killed lots of teams and made bank! Post pics below: @Smite @Anthonyplatmann @Bindz @O W A R I @Rylolz @Sonic Shark @Testified
  5. Had a good long revs trip this morning started out with a smaller squad, ran into ly and quickly massed up to 15 to match their ops for a clean fight. No surprise, they avoided entering the wilderness and logged out when we ran into them at the bank! We continued clearing everything in our path for the next hour while they sat in singles making excuses to their members. All in all another great day for FI! Post pics below!
  6. Started our second revs trip of the day around 6pm EST with 5-6 shooters and steadily gained throughout the trip. We slaughtered any pure clans in our path including outrage, hydra, legacy, and dc. Everyone made bank and had some good fun. thanks for all who came out
  7. Massed up a dozen FI Warriors and tore up the caves this evening. Cleared a bunch of small teams and killed everything in our path. Thanks to all who attended. Post pics below @Native @Blissful @Roman @Airborne @Marwan @Harry the3rd @3 Brews @Illuminato @Alex
  8. This fine Wednesday morning 10 real gang members + ginger ringleader took the rev caves by force, clearing all in our paths including apex & dc. Post 'em.
  10. Fatality PKers have been extremely active this week with 11 separate trips over the past 7 days! The consistency and teamwork has been phenomenal and I expect it will only grow from here. Here are some of the highlights! VIDEOS: Absolute Carnage: Pictures:
  11. Dabs

    America day PK

    Another all day PK session with the squad . Thanks to all who showed up. Post pics
  12. Fatality's Rev Squad is stronger than ever this week with nonstop action and bigger and badder pulls. This week alone there have been dozens of +1s PKed and I know there are still a lot left to be posted! We started the week by PKing back to back AGS's and finished off by full clearing DC in a 20v20 and only losing a single member in the fight. Needless to say things are looking up for FI!
  13. Second half of July has been absolutely insane for the revs gang. Loads of smites and 100s of millions PKed. VIDEOS: PICTURES: Literally dozens more +1s multiple blowpipes, dihn etc POST YOUR PICS ALL VIDS AND +1 PICS WILL BE ADDED TO THE FIRST POST


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