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  1. Fatality's Rev Squad is stronger than ever this week with nonstop action and bigger and badder pulls. This week alone there have been dozens of +1s PKed and I know there are still a lot left to be posted! We started the week by PKing back to back AGS's and finished off by full clearing DC in a 20v20 and only losing a single member in the fight. Needless to say things are looking up for FI!
  2. Daps

    Dev Blog: Changes to pvp.

    the entangles will make f2p bridding possible
  3. Daps

    BIGREVGUY is agile as heck

    agreed that level 93 farming is pretty slick GZ Cr3w
  4. Daps

    Fatality P2P Sunday

  5. While FI ranks met with world leaders in Prague to discuss future endeavors, Fatality Warriors stormed the caves and made absolute bank loot!
  6. Fatality PKers have been extremely active this week with 11 separate trips over the past 7 days! The consistency and teamwork has been phenomenal and I expect it will only grow from here. Here are some of the highlights! VIDEOS: Absolute Carnage: Pictures:
  7. Daps

    America day PK

    Another all day PK session with the squad . Thanks to all who showed up. Post pics
  8. Daps


    fun trip smoked mad noobs
  9. Next step - mastermind closing DC into FI
  10. Premassing for big F2P Saturday. Cya there (2pm est / 7pm gmt btw)