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  1. knowing your buy prices, time to make flip money off ya ;]
  2. if that's a baby pure my account is an infant 0_o congratulations!
  3. App Updated: Sexy ;] https://clan-fi.org/topic/90155-aeiscens-application/
  4. the internet is becoming a super power and virtual everything will be taking over in my belief, currency as well.
  5. I will be there, but here for my +1
  6. Sick account was anything rolled back?
  7. welcome! best of luck with your account build!
  8. insane gains, well done.
  9. Hi! Due to coronavirus, the industry in which I work in has been closed within the city I currently reside in. Application on the way [=
  10. Every 1 defence quest completed, thus far..
  11. too sexy, congratulations.
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