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  1. Motekiku

    One Month of Gridning!

    Planning to get base 90s and training with slayer for the rest.
  2. Motekiku

    One Month of Gridning!

    I was grinding combat for the longest time, and then I hunted castle-wars gear thus burning me out. I moved on to skilling, and was working on base 50's. Also, getting the great Kourend favor took a few hours. The account was created a few months back, but I only gave it 10Hs of service that same day. Then I got unmotivated, and quit. Shit hit the fan IRL, and I don't really want to go into detail. Now that I'm working nights, and nights are slow I am able to grind a lot more. Spend time with my son, and enjoy the game altogether. Where I left off... Then, and Now...
  3. Motekiku

    C0ld's leaving topic

    Make sure not to get stung on your way out! Have a fun vacation.
  4. Motekiku


    Just as bad as the purple phats dupe.
  5. Motekiku

    Few more levels

    Better get that app in pimp.
  6. Motekiku

    bird catcher

    What is this? O.o
  7. Motekiku

    97 Strength

    Gz man, looking beastly!
  8. Motekiku

    Fazey App

    What is that shit game. L0l
  9. Motekiku


  10. Motekiku

    93 STR

    Gz bro, I'm jelly.
  11. Motekiku

    100cb, 100m total xp & 86 pray.

    Looking good. Can't wait till I max.
  12. Motekiku

    Prep stats next! [PC?]

    Halo has been achieved! L33t af
  13. Motekiku

    Misfits teamspeak - Episode 4

    Lol, so cringe.