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  1. Motekiku

    Started last Monday!

    Thanks boys 😘
  2. Motekiku

    Started last Monday!

    0-629 KC in a week. Crazy right? Especially after working 8-10 hours a day and playing the rest on Mobile. Thank you Android beta, but today I got off work early and gave the laptop some love, and I'm happy to say I got some love right back! Ladies and gentleman I'm happy to announce the KBD pet.
  3. Motekiku

    August Member of the Month

    Ew! I mean congratulations. 😃
  4. Motekiku

    Vetion got slayed at 617 kc

  5. Motekiku

    Fi Declared fullout on IR what?

    Full out in their ass
  6. Motekiku


    Congratulations @Weno
  7. Motekiku

    King Couck Claims Edgeville

    All love ❤️ @Couck
  8. LOL, IR+Misfits giving Blumpkins.
  9. Intermittent Retards. Yes their so retarded, they're even ranked by it.
  10. Motekiku

    i tick moms intro

    I tick moms, quickies are nice af, Welcome.
  11. Motekiku

    Friday - Smoking IR Down 5.

    Intents Redumbtion
  12. Motekiku

    Hello Fatality

    Join the dark side. We have @Couckies.
  13. Motekiku

    Slave's Intro

    I’ll make sure to put you to work *whip cracks*.
  14. Motekiku

    ir wtf are u doing

    Good fight Zo, yes that was the founder. Incompetent Retard.
  15. Motekiku

    Jagex Tournament Winners

    A gang bang or an orgy? I feel like it’s some gay sex with deep penetration.