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  1. Maxed Jackal

    Constitution level

    Don't say that word.
  2. Maxed Jackal

    Fi = Family

  3. Maxed Jackal

    Morris / I Are Black

    Welcome home.
  4. Maxed Jackal

    98 Strength

  5. Maxed Jackal

    Few old pk pics

    Don't u TB in varrock sq a lot?
  6. Maxed Jackal

    Fi Disciple OSRS Pk Video 1 "8 Years AFK"

    Didn't watch. Here for my +1.
  7. Maxed Jackal

    Misfits Teamspeak Leak - Episode 6

    Holy fuck that's depressing.
  8. Maxed Jackal

    Dashyyy Intro

    Welcome home.
  9. Maxed Jackal

    Go Aww Introduction

    Welcome home.
  10. Maxed Jackal

    Halos anyone?

    There's a mod on sharkbrew who does them cheap. Not sure tho.
  11. Maxed Jackal

    One Month of Gridning!

    This. Trust the process with me brother. Let's grind our eyes out.
  12. Maxed Jackal

    96 Hitpoints

    Trust the process.