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    For me a ham sandwich, please. Do you also serve big macs? Grats tho
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    What’s your clan history?

    Pre-EOC: WAR (We Are Royalty). My first rank was application manager since I couldn't come to a lot of trips since I'm from Europe. I later got council rank and was high-council when we closed. After that I joined Zenith with some ex-WAR members, but it wasn't the same. I stopped playing when Jagex announced the Evolution of Combat. OSRS: Fatality
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    1 more to go

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    Welcome to the forums. I also used to be in Zenith.
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    Mans Back

    sexy gl on ranged
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    Member of the month-May!

    Good job. Keep it up, brother!
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    Very nice, my man.
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    Pyxius Video Intro Thread

    These look fucking awesome. Very nice!
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    Very nice, man. Super useful items and a total must for a completed pure account.
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    Big grats!
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    Gods work

    Grats bro
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    Big grats
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    sucked in @schweden

    big gratty
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    big grats
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    3 more

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    7 more lvls babes

    Very nice!
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    Gallery - Plus ones from Misfits

    lmao love this topic
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    Last sneaky level before exam break

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    Lets goooo

    Holy shit. Big big big gz
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    My Fatality tattoos

    Wait what?
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  22. If you ever feel useless just remember 60 FOE members took the time out of their days to "rush" us in w369 edge.