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  1. Was a fun trip
  2. Even though I wasn't able to attack a lot of noobs (since I'm only level 63) I really enjoyed the trip!
  3. Today was my first trip in over seven years and I'm glad it was today, guys. We hit them hard! Thanks for the fun time. And a big thanks to Stigi and Brian for hooking me up with an account so I could attend the trip.
  4. Rune Pure Progress

    nice one
  5. yall thought i was gone 100 more lets go

    nice account
  6. Nice one, guys! Looks like a lot of fun.
  7. Rune rocks cleared

    Nice one!
  8. This looks like so much fun. Good job, guys!
  9. 30 left

    Wow, nice! Goodluck with the grind, bro!
  10. sometimes it rly do be like dat sometimes

    Wow! Great stats man! Congratulations!
  11. make bow

  12. Technocrat / Panic intro

  13. Technocrat / Panic intro

    Oh, I remember u, dude! What have you been up to? Long time no see.