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  1. technocrat

    1 Defence Quests and Tasks

    Great list. Thank you for sharing.
  2. technocrat

    Making b0nk at revs

  3. technocrat

    Boned Introduction

    Welcome to the forums!
  4. technocrat

    Noone has nothing like it

  5. technocrat

    I went to the elder chaos druids today

    Soon brother
  6. I went to the elder chaos druids in the hope of getting a good drop. When I teleported in I saw a skulled level 63 with a Robin. I had my dds on me so I decided to attack him. My specs weren't that good and he teled out. I stayed at the elder chaos druids cause I wasn't actually risking much. After a couple of minutes the guy teleports back in with pk gear and attacks me. I fought back and dropped him with a dds spec. Here's the loot. Today was a good day!
  7. technocrat

    [NEW] Ghostly Robes ! Guide

    Nice guide!
  8. technocrat

    Big Lifts

    great account. Nice!
  9. technocrat

    1 Defence Vet'ion Guide [reuploaded]

    Great guide!
  10. technocrat

    Osrs Daily Question #1

    p2p - GDZ for the same reasons you gave f2p - I don't really know
  11. Was a fun trip https://ibb.co/f1KO28 https://ibb.co/dpbQFT https://ibb.co/iGm328 https://ibb.co/joAVh8 https://ibb.co/iANzaT
  12. Even though I wasn't able to attack a lot of noobs (since I'm only level 63) I really enjoyed the trip! https://imgur.com/a/Dw4Rnr0
  13. Today was my first trip in over seven years and I'm glad it was today, guys. We hit them hard! Thanks for the fun time. And a big thanks to Stigi and Brian for hooking me up with an account so I could attend the trip. https://imgur.com/a/0JrVeWU