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  1. technocrat

    Getting there

    Also hit 97 hitpoints in the process
  2. technocrat

    Getting there

    Started training magic again. I've been 94 since forever. Good to be back.
  3. Was a fun trip. Too bad I only could attend the end fights.
  4. technocrat

    I can almost taste it..

    Big grats
  5. technocrat

    Stats over money

    Nice one. GL on 99
  6. technocrat

    ty archers ring

    Nice one brother
  7. technocrat

    1250 Total & 58 Hunter :)

  8. technocrat

    Kbdick's Intro

    Welcome to the forums!
  9. Fun trip. Too bad I had to leave early.
  10. technocrat

    no pet

    2th D pick drop in less than 1K kc
  11. technocrat

    hybrid vid bridding with infernal cape

    sick switches and combo's. Very nice video