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  1. technocrat

    I went to the elder chaos druids today

    Soon brother
  2. I went to the elder chaos druids in the hope of getting a good drop. When I teleported in I saw a skulled level 63 with a Robin. I had my dds on me so I decided to attack him. My specs weren't that good and he teled out. I stayed at the elder chaos druids cause I wasn't actually risking much. After a couple of minutes the guy teleports back in with pk gear and attacks me. I fought back and dropped him with a dds spec. Here's the loot. Today was a good day!
  3. technocrat

    [NEW] Ghostly Robes ! Guide

    Nice guide!
  4. technocrat

    Big Lifts

    great account. Nice!
  5. technocrat

    1 Defence Vet'ion Guide [reuploaded]

    Great guide!
  6. technocrat

    Osrs Daily Question #1

    p2p - GDZ for the same reasons you gave f2p - I don't really know
  7. Was a fun trip https://ibb.co/f1KO28 https://ibb.co/dpbQFT https://ibb.co/iGm328 https://ibb.co/joAVh8 https://ibb.co/iANzaT
  8. Even though I wasn't able to attack a lot of noobs (since I'm only level 63) I really enjoyed the trip! https://imgur.com/a/Dw4Rnr0
  9. Today was my first trip in over seven years and I'm glad it was today, guys. We hit them hard! Thanks for the fun time. And a big thanks to Stigi and Brian for hooking me up with an account so I could attend the trip. https://imgur.com/a/0JrVeWU
  10. technocrat

    Rune Pure Progress

    nice one
  11. technocrat

    yall thought i was gone 100 more lets go

    nice account
  12. Nice one, guys! Looks like a lot of fun.
  13. technocrat

    Rune rocks cleared

    Nice one!