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  1. technocrat


    If you get the pet before I do, I swear I'll kick you in the nuts. Just sayin'
  2. hay there cute lil bunny
  3. Yo, man. What's up?! I got you added on my old account. Idk why. I recognized your name. It's Panic (P AN II C) from W.A.R. back in the days.
  4. Nice guide. I'm currently at 6800KC without the pet... btw: if they try to skull trick you, you can spam the logout bottom. Escaped many times from those rats.
  5. Very nice, bro. You got lucky on the d pick I'm currently at 6800 KBD KC dry for pet...
  6. technocrat


    this is very big, grats
  7. technocrat


    Welcome! GL on KBD. I know the grind...
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