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  1. Was a fun trip. Too bad I only could attend the end fights.
  2. technocrat

    I can almost taste it..

    Big grats
  3. technocrat

    Stats over money

    Nice one. GL on 99
  4. technocrat

    ty archers ring

    Nice one brother
  5. technocrat

    1250 Total & 58 Hunter :)

  6. technocrat

    Kbdick's Intro

    Welcome to the forums!
  7. Fun trip. Too bad I had to leave early.
  8. technocrat

    no pet

    2th D pick drop in less than 1K kc
  9. technocrat

    hybrid vid bridding with infernal cape

    sick switches and combo's. Very nice video
  10. technocrat

    ugh quests

    fun shit
  11. technocrat

    Tuesday - Daily Pks