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  1. hotguy

    big pk on lil acc

    hm is dat
  2. l0l yup u are mad and a newfag tryna fit in so hard
  3. ur just a shit newfag tryna fit in "you show me you down for me & ima show you the same energy 110%" L0L
  4. hotguy

    first strike as advanced member

  5. arent u just an applicant? tone down brudda
  6. hotguy


  7. i play on na east but can also play on naw 🤙
  8. hotguy

    porter intro

  9. hotguy

    porter intro

    hey bro
  10. hotguy


    hey bro
  11. hotguy


    I. Who introduced you to Fatality? II. Do you plan on joining Fatality? hmm III. What is your current RuneScape Name? hot grandpa IV. What is your RuneScape(Clanning) history? i was in ub and apex, and i have some bros that go by the grandpas/the boys V. What are your goals for your RuneScape account? i wanna get 20def but scared of regretting (dont have time for new acc) VI. Anything else you'd like to add? im humble 🤙
  12. hotguy