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  1. Razors

    Former Misfits member speaks out!

    "i know how you are you like to record things" guy keeps talking shit about misfits anyways lololol!
  2. Razors


  3. Killing EOP and Misfits two of the worst clans ever in one trip hell yeah fuck them shit clans.

  4. misfits is shit.. eop got fucking dicked on multiple occasion.. #FI
  5. Razors

    Let's make Fatality great again

    sup dude welcome.
  6. Razors

    Misfits Current State

    l00000l just a matter of time before we shut this shit clan down.
  7. Razors

    Misfits big hype topic lul

    oh shit boys they serious Lololol!
  8. Razors

    Hey old friends

    sup noob
  9. Razors


  10. Razors

    Meanwhile, At Misfits HQ

  11. Razors

    AFKilling Introduction

  12. Razors

    Looks like I hurt Misfits so bad

    lol misfits be heated as fuck lolol.
  13. Razors

    inrto Rickster Jr

    sup dude welcome/