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  1. Boom Pls Ko

    One Month of Gridning!

    You're done with the worst shit account wise, now you can play the afkgame & chill while grindin'
  2. Boom Pls Ko

    Knockout vs Supremacy 6-0 ft Perfections

    Uppercuts on their glass jaws, easy for the boys
  3. Boom Pls Ko


    Grats on 92 fletcherrr
  4. Boom Pls Ko

    Sweepstake Results

    Grats on the win mate!
  5. Boom Pls Ko

    Recruitment Drive

    Welcome to Fatality man! Congratulations on the child to come ^^, hopefully you'll consider making a 1 defence pure in the future perhaps on your paternity leave?
  6. Boom Pls Ko

    Go Aww Introduction

    Oh but that is as relevant as it gets welcome brother, you'll 1 tick a 6 way in no time!
  7. Boom Pls Ko

    Dashyyy Intro

    Welcome bro, hopefully Fatality has everything you're looking for, sorry about the 8 def :c
  8. Boom Pls Ko

    Gainz before trip

    Gratzies mann!
  9. Boom Pls Ko

    Road to Titan: 99 Strength

    Congrats on 99 str man!
  10. Boom Pls Ko

    Pures cant do dk's

    Grats, bossing on pures is fun af
  11. 2 hours of action ahh, this is why we're Fatality boys..
  12. Boom Pls Ko

    Halos anyone?

    Sorry, don't know, good luck on getting halo(s)!
  13. Boom Pls Ko

    Trust the process

    For the process hell yeah, big grats
  14. Boom Pls Ko