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    in 3 weeks it'll be my 5 week anniversary, be on for that pls n thx 

  2. good shit today bois! lets aim for 70+ next weekend leading to the anni !

  3. l0l00l0l nigga bridding with no overs
  4. be on today for p2p trip minimum 50 fatalians for smokey 


    omfg @Couck said we have a BIG free2play player killing trip TODAY ~ be there init 


    man just seen u lost to FS in f2p dw famelam f2p is shit and only white people like it. We real niggas out here and will fuck them up in p2p n all that shit!! also don't forget out anniversary is soon so you niggas need to keep showing up for weekends n all that shit so we keep hype before anni so alot of niggers will show up and we fuck foe in their british cuck white ass with big black cock. It's like i always say man the darkest thing about africa has alway been our ignorance of it ~ King Kimble Couck

    1. 0bbyx


      Hey, we yankie now 

  7. tbh i think runelite is the best, very smooth client, constantly being updated with new features
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