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  1. sup mate welcome to fatality
  2. damn getting close to 1k total inat
  3. Doc

    the boi (returns?)

    get 25 def for f2p trips inat
  4. Well yes this may be correct I just wanted to like let everyone know this is just a way for the big pharma companies to get rich because they were quite stable in terms of sales etc and they needed something of this sort to get shit moving. The pattern is every 10 years they create some new sort of virus to wipe out the elderly or at least create some sort of havoc for example Ebola in 2014. and to ensure that people spend money which all the sheep-minded people are doing currently as you have probably seen already from the news and shit its honestly just a few major things they're trying to achieve. 1. Get the economy moving world wide. 2. Increase death rate in elderly people to reduce the pressure on healthcare services that is the only reasons these viruses exist and until now their is about 170,000 cases worldwide. nobody gives a fk about finland u ass nigga
  5. I think after this video everyone will infact take a chill pill.
  6. Doc

    baby pure

    ayy big man tings.
  7. fury used to be like 3m f lol
  8. Doc

    99 Range

    big man tings init
  9. Doc


    welcome back fam
  10. depends on how many brain cells you are willing to lose but generally yea u can do dat shit most of us just did nature spirit and then trained on edgeville guards for the remaining levels inat
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