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  1. mad trip today be on next week 

  2. boris johnson wins again goofy

  3. vittu perkele

  4. that was too easy lmfao

  5. Yo lmao be on for anniversary trips Saturday & Sunday. It's going to be freaking sweet, need all of you beautiful bastards 

  6. 3 days to anni gl pure world 



  7. Selling gp $0.75/m Paypal, $0.72/m Bitcoin

  8. selling gp  pm me lads. btc ($.72/m)/pp ($.75/m)

  9. congrats on 100 subscribers @Native

  10. P 2 P  S U N D A Y  F O R  T H E  G U Y Z

    2  E S T  / /  6  G M T

  11. It's clear we've got some improving to do. Be on tonight for some inners and minis. I'd like to see more than the usual faces

  12. And It is written, Guthix is the one true God of Gielinor and Falador Keith is his prophet

    Fatalians 3:11

  13. #risefirise

  14. #risefirise

  15. selling gp $.8/m pm me :) 300m in stock atm

  16. #itsourtime

    1. Kevo


      yeah, rejoin docdocdedoc

    2. Doc


      @Kevo im more active than u nigga plus pure in training atm nice lvl 20 pure 😧

  17. grats niggas

  18. nice job lads :)

  19. selling 1b $0.75/m pm me on discord or forums lads :)

  20. mad trip today

  21. selling gp .85 pm me discord/whatsapp/fb messenger/ts etc