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  1. Doc

    Summer Awards

    grats to all
  2. Doc

    Hey Everyone:)

    what's up bud welcome to the community
  3. Doc

    Should i go 75 attack?

    75 is essential especially for clanning. sotd, ags and new weapons such as ghrazi rapier
  4. Doc


    vittu perkele 2 u aswell brother
  5. Doc


    vittu perkele
  6. Doc

    GoldCoastAUS saying g-day

    welcome back alot has changed since then but at least we have osrs and not rs3
  7. Doc


    sup m8
  8. Doc


    whats good mate
  9. Doc

    Monday - Clearing LY x3.

    smokey smoke
  10. Doc

    Dev Blog: Changes to pvp.

    lmao i think they should of just did snare not entangle thats broken l0l if theres like 3 people running away from a team chuck 1 entangle kill dat nigga the other nigga will just be chilling and then move onto him l00l
  11. Doc

    Dev's introduction

    welcome back :)
  12. Doc

    Hello everyone

    hey welcome to fatality