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  1. Doc

    ty archers ring

    ez monie
  2. Doc

    My intro

    whats good
  3. Doc

    Aizen's intro

    whats up aizen
  4. Doc

    Who would win?

    nigga ofc baboon have u seen the teeth those mfers have there as big as a white sharks lmfao a badger will get fucked if it fucked with a baboon
  5. Doc

    Fi vs Foe (30 second fight)

    lmfao if u niggas had chins that would of been much easier there shit cant even tank tho lmfao
  6. Doc


  7. Doc

    ez 4M

    big man tings
  8. Doc

    leaf bladded axe unlocked

    ye fam im maxing out at 95 combat
  9. Doc

    leaf bladded axe unlocked

    nigga im 76 att l0l
  10. Doc

    PcActiveOn's intro

    whats good
  11. Doc

    Introduction - ign: Eulogia

    whats good