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  1. Doc

    G W 4 S INTRO!

    welcome to the community!
  2. Doc

    Hello lads, sweden tuning in!

    waddup welcome to the community fam
  3. Doc

    How to properly mace for F2P

    edit: use super combat pot lmao @Anqi broke nigga
  4. Doc

    beyond gone

    i see what you did there
  5. Doc

    Well, Thank you

    turkality? turkmusun unlucky btw @One K I N G
  6. Doc

    rip eop

    no announcement aswell? F
  7. Doc

    Mini New Year Promotions

    gmt take over baby grats
  8. happy new year to everyone! we all are closer to dieing so idk why we celebrating tbh lmao but fuck it we only live once init.


    @Kennyhappy hanuka to u specifically ik u jews have everything seperate so yea any other jews ive missed please accept my apologies


  9. favourite quote "finish em now! finish them!" fun times when clanning used to be lit even tho I wasn't a part of it