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  1. feels like a 99

    careful with that whip gz
  2. ft who who and who? gz on loot though
  3. 23. 2018 Max Caper LMFAO

    very juicy gj
  4. PX closed

    for real? haven't really paid attention since eop closed surprised tbh.
  5. IR Monkas for 29M

    get bgs squad im sure enough of you lot have 75 atk
  6. IR Monkas for 29M

    v nice wtf was he thinking
  7. New Clanning Account btw

    whats "new" about this beefy cunt gz
  8. Happy friday

    gud meme
  9. intro

  10. intro

    rip @Wee Bey
  11. 1017

    stop following me mash u lil arab xx
  12. Mac's cape

    feels bro im like 2110 got a few easy ones to get up pray for me
  13. Mac's cape

    big gz fam any advice for a yung grinder?