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  1. Phi

    no pet

  2. Litty with the gang. Tiko made bank damn.
  3. Phi

    Big boi tings

    Yuck man.
  4. Phi

    WC pet at 52

    Big grats 4sake.
  5. Phi

    Work hard on my Days "away" =D

    Very nice. 😉
  6. Phi


    Yo Tank, we big on pking here!! Welcome my dude
  7. Phi

    Happy 2 Years.

    Happy 2 Years Elve. ❤️
  8. Phi


    Welcome brother.
  9. Phi

    Barney P2p Pk Vid 1

    Got some nice KOs in there.
  10. Phi

    Medusa's Intro App

    Yo, I've seen you around Grand Exchange, I didn't think you would be interested in clanning though! Welcome Caitlyn!
  11. Phi

    Stock up on Furys?

    Holy shit Furys are at 2.3m atm.??
  12. Phi

    i hate quests

  13. Phi

    Tuesday - Daily Pks

    Trips were lit today. Organized.
  14. Phi

    aye we made it to maxed kind of

    Beast mode.
  15. Strong 3+ hour rev trip with the boys.

    Need more GMTers to hop on and join us.

  16. Phi

    P2P PK Trip - 11-08-19

    Good video SS Might need to adjust the frame rates or something to stop the video lag. Does it also lag while you're playing in-game?
  17. Phi

    big slayer guy

    Lookin good
  18. All those clumps, fucken vennys. Nice work Peng! Damn didn't you know you had kids!