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  1. Don't forget the clan that you are in and the people that stand beside you They fear us
  2. Destroyed vennies for almost 3 hours. The boys were eaten tonight! Dump pics!
  3. Phi

    Surih intro

    Welcome Suri This is a great place/opportunity to learn and grow with your osrs experience!
  4. ABSOLUTELY DESTROYING EVERYTHING IN OUR WAY. DOG SHIT CATS MAKE PATHETIC ATTEMPT AT CRASHING THE GREEN TRAIN WE ARE UNRIVALED, YOU CANNOT PHASE US. You're going to try a lot harder than that to stop this power house. Catch me outside how bout dat?? DROP PICS!!
  5. Phi


  6. Whoever's in charge of updating the Fatality header with new weekly videos is not doing a good job.

  7. PEAKED AT 23 Made absolute bank and dominated on every thing in our way. Join the green hats today! Dump pics!! Cu tomorrow
  8. Welcome brother! Welcome home
  9. Phi


  10. Here they come... GREEN HAT GANG. 20+ shooters dawn on rev caves and explode some noobs. Made absolute bank. Apply for Fi DUMP PICS
  11. Phi

    Elek 2

    Sup Elek, Long time no see.
  12. Phi

    Ju a Introduction

    Welcomee bro!
  13. Welcome brotha!
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