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  1. Phi


  2. Phi


  3. Great job at revs today boys, progress every day.

    Big thank you to the men that massed up to stomp on DC.

  4. This is why I'm Fi and this is only the beginning.
  5. Phi

    GoldCoastAUS saying g-day

    Holy shit.
  6. Phi


    What''s good young blood.
  7. Phi

    bow cape

    arent you proud of me!>?!!?
  8. Phi

    and another one - GETTING STRONG

    Big man!!! Add me on Runescape Shark Fi Disciple
  9. Phi

    still keepin busy

    Damn Craig sorry to hear, the 60 attacker that you got 99 hp on recently? Good luck on the grind man
  10. Phi

    Sunday back in the saddle

    Lmao you clicked that pool a million times and it didn't restore prayer XD